Can You Purify Tap Water By Boiling It? Common DIY Methods To Try

Tap water being purified by boiling it on the stove

Are you on the hunt for a purified water solution at home? Many families are starting to think about healthy water solutions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and an increased focus on taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. A clean supply of water doesn’t have to come from boiling water a couple of times a day at home, especially if you have work commitments that will make this very hard to do. Today, we’ve got a couple of ways to explore adding the cleanest water into your home, and we will be touching on other DIY methods that could be worth considering as well. 

An Old Favourite: Stovetop Boiling

Boiling tap water might be an old favourite used during camping trips, but as we’ve mentioned you may not have a lot of water to do so during the week. Boiling water works because it is a simple method to make sure the water is purified. It requires you to heat the water over a stovetop until it reaches its boiling point. This will take anywhere from five to ten minutes depending on the heat, and the longer it is left, the more likely it will be rid of most of the contaminants. Cheap and safe, although not always convenient, this tried-and-tested way will generally help achieve the end result. 

The Water Filtration Method

Another effective way to purify tap water is to run it through a filtration system. These are designed to eliminate small and large compounds that carry dangerous contaminants into your bloodstream. FIltration doesn’t deplete mineral salts, and although it only does selective elimination, you still end up with a healthy general supply of water for minimal fuss. Making a water filter at home is relatively easy using a DIY guide on YouTube, but if you have a bit of spare cash, it’s worth investing in a manufactured one that already ticks all of the health check boxes. 

Boiled water being service after being cleared of contaminants

The Chlorination Process

Chlorination has been popular for decades, commonly being used to kill germs, parasites and other organisms that carry diseases through tap water. Liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets are commonly used to treat drinking water. Tablets should always be applied in temperatures of 21 degrees Celsius or higher, in order for them to safely do what they can to purify tap water with maximum efficiency. It’s vital that dosages are monitored and that people with underlying health problems speak to their physician first before doing so.

Pure Water From Other Sources

If a DIY option feels like too much work, or you think there is too much room for error, try Aquazania for an alternative choice. We supply a wide range of bottled water coolers that have already been purified at our in-house bottling and purification plant. The water goes through a multi-step filtration process to make sure that as much as 99% of harmful contaminants are removed. There’s a reason why 20 000 other customers love what we do, and we’d love for you to become one of them too.

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