Coffee Capsule Machines vs Bean to Cup Machines

Coffee Capsule Machines vs Bean to Cup Machines

capsule coffee machine
Capsule Coffee Machine

Capsule coffee machines have revolutionized the world of coffee. Before these cute little guys came along only the fortunate few could afford a coffee machine for their home or office.

Bean Coffee machines were available for many years before capsule machines but only available to those homes and offices that were willing to fork out around R 10,000 for a a machine which could make them their morning Java

Along came brands like Nespresso, Caffitaly and Lavazza which opened up the market of good quality coffee to the masses with coffee capsule machines ranging from R 1500.00-R5000.00.

Coffee machines at these prices created a mass consumer market and coffee consumption at home skyrocketed.

Capsule machines are incredibly simple in their design – they are really just a boiler and pump combined which results in their low price. Probably the two biggest drawbacks of capsule machines however are the cost of the capsules along with their ability (or lack thereof) to make a variety of drinks other than espressos and Americanos. Most capsule machines these days come with a little frother on the side which can adequately make 2 cups of froth but as soon as your audience become 5 or more, capsule coffee machines can become a little tricky


saeco minuto cover
Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Because of these two problems (cost of capsules and ease of use for a variety of beverages at one time) bean machines still are probably the best solution for an office of 5 or more. Our usual rule of thumb is any establishment (home or office) under 5 people should opt for a capsule solution whereas anything above that should still stick to beans.

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