The AQA Bottleless Water Cooler Range

The AQA Bottleless Water Cooler Range

Finding a suitable bottleless water cooler can be quite a challenge, considering the range of products out there to begin with, most of which, if we’re entirely honest, are set on emptying your pockets. In our search for an affordable solution, be it for your home or for the office, we stumbled onto an interesting range of products from a company called AQA, that not only provide variety in terms of design and functionality, but also won’t break the bank either. We’re considering their five most prominent water coolers today, playing around with each, looking at their basic specs and benefits, and of course answering the question of what you could expect to pay for the machine too.

AQA Touch

The AQA Touch is a great option to consider, not only for its sleek design, but because of its output capability, producing over twenty fix litres or cold, bubbly or room temperature water at the touch of a button. While it may be considered a more high-end purchase, this model is extra special not only because it is energy efficient, but because it offers the option of a custom designed stand, which is perfect for if you’re redoing the office or moving into a new space at home. The opportunities are endless. The purchase price for this machine is R22 000, and rental price is around R1 000 per month.


No, you’re not looking at the latest keg machine from the pub! You wouldn’t be the first person to have that thought when looking at this one. While the AQA Tap has a leaning towards commercial use, due to it being able to provide a phenomenal output of 80 litres per hour, it remains a viable bottleless water solution for any environment that may require a greater-than-average supply of water. You’ll find these in many restaurants, hotels and at big events. The AQA Tap’s purchase price is R35 000, while the rental price comes in at around R2 500 per month.

AQA Sodax

The AQA Sodax, arguably the most beautiful machine in the range (we were debating this for a while), is a good fit if you’re looking for something more modern and stylish, for either home or office use. This machine is one of few machines with a touch-screen system, providing all four water temperatures (that’s what we like to hear). We liked this one specifically because on surface value it looked to be one of the higher end models, but surprisingly, the price indicates otherwise. If you’re looking for something for the family at home, look no further. Purchase price is R11 500, while the rental price is only R575 per month.

AQA Slim

The AQA Slim puts a whole new spin on the traditional “water cooler”, and provides a longer, standing machine that is sure to generate a fair amount of buzz and popularity around the office. This machine is unique because it comes with a few choices for you to make in terms of customisation, including whether you’d like it installed with an add on to provide sparkling water (that would be a YES from us). If you’re worried that people are going to knock it over at work, a wall mount is also available. Purchase price is R15 000, rental price is roughly R450 per month.


If reliability and affordability is your top priority, the AQA One is a solution to seriously consider. Practical, simple and offering an output of almost five litres per hour, this one is good for home and small businesses, and is available in different colours as well. If you’re aiming at using this one at home, but you’re worried about your toddler or grandchild playing with the taps, don’t stress, they are all childproof and easy to manage. The purchase price for the AQA one is R6 000, and the rental price is a mere R350 per month. 

I’ve Found What I’m Looking For. Where Can I Order It?

All of these water coolers are available at Aquazania, a Johannesburg based water company, that has a long standing reputation as a trusted water supplier around the country. What makes these guys so unique, is that they offer the option to buy or rent the machines, with the added value of trusted service and great warranties. So before you shop around and consider buying a machine out of the box, give them a shout, and enquire about any promotions or specials running at the moment as well. Happy water hunting!