Bottled Water Options in South Africa:

Bottled Water Options in South Africa:

Clean, purified water is a must.
With water coolers becoming increasingly more popular due to the toxic contaminants found in tap water,
it has become much more important that people have access to affordable, consistently-supplied and clean bottled water.
Despite the fact that it is safer to drink than tap water, filtered water also has a smoother, crisper, colder taste.

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So where can you buy your bottled water?

Here at Aquazania our water is purer than an underground mountain spring and cleaner than snow.
This is guaranteed by our 9 step purification process that all of our water goes through before it is bottled in it’s 18.9l poly-carbonate water bottles. These bottles are equipped with unique, non-reusable sealing caps that ensure our premium Aquazania water is completely sterile, cool and crisp. We also provide an after-sales service like no other! We understand that happy customers create a successful business and that’s why we dedicate our time and effort into creating an unrivaled customer service.

But regardless of our high quality water we still recognize that our water bottles may not be the perfect fit for you, thats why we
have compiled a list of alternative bottled water options for you:

Aquabella –

aQuellé –

Bené –

Bonaqua –

Ceres Spring Water –

Clover Waters: Nestlé Pure Life –

Di Bella Spring Water –

La Vie De Luc –

MultiSource Beverages –

Oryx Aqua –

Thirsti –

Valpré –

Aquazania –

Aqua Africa –

SuperBev –

Cape Aqua –

H2O –

Helderspruit –

Magalies Water –

Oasis Water –

Stay happy and hydrated and choose the right bottled water for you!