Is Bottled Water Bad For You?

Is Bottled Water Bad For You?

Nowadays, drinking bottled water has become quite the norm. Consumers have shied away from using tap water as numerous studies have indicated that tap water may be contaminated. 

However, have you ever stopped to think that bottled water may carry some chemicals and toxins that may be harmful to the human body? 

Well to answer that – here’s another question, have you ever drank from a water bottle and you taste an undertone of plastic in your water? 

This is not a coincidence. Plastic is affected when it is in the sun as the hot temperatures cause the plastic to soften and melt. This allows for dangerous chemicals and toxins (such as BPA) to enter your water and inevitably your body. 

What is BPA?

BPA or Bisphenol A is a chemical that is found in plastic bottles. It interferes with bodily hormones and influences the production, secretion, transport, and function of your hormones. 

(It has been known to have many estrogen-like effects on the human body.)

How Does Bottled Water Differ from Tap Water?

We are led to believe that bottled water is sourced from the freshest, purest springs, offering a safe alternative to everyday water. 

However, a large amount of your favorite or ‘well priced’  bottled water companies are using tap water to fill their bottles and then selling it to you at an exponentially higher rate. 

Not only are you paying much more money for the same water that you always have access to, but you are also unknowingly consuming all the toxins and chemicals that can be found in tap water. 

Chemicals such as chlorine that is used to clean the water we drink and harmful toxins such as lead that contaminates our tap water as it flows through lead pipes. 

Additionally, a 4 year-long study conducted by the NDRC on the water industry has shown that there is no evidence supporting bottled water being safer than your everyday tap water. 

Therefore it can be said that the majority of the “clean” drinking water you are paying for is essentially overpriced tap water. 

An Alternative to Bottled Water:

Using a water filter is a safer option because whether or not you have a bottled or bottle-less system, your water will go through a vigorous water filtration process that completely cleans and purifies your water of chemicals and toxins such as chlorine and lead, making it an enjoyable, safe and healthy experience.

After evaluating the truths about the water industry, it is vital that people stay aware of what they are putting into their bodies and which companies to trust in order to remain healthy and safe. And if all else fails, take a look at your water cooler options and the advantages of having one in your home or in your office. 

Bottled Water Options in South Africa:

Bottled Water Options in South Africa:

Clean, purified water is a must.
With water coolers becoming increasingly more popular due to the toxic contaminants found in tap water,
it has become much more important that people have access to affordable, consistently-supplied and clean bottled water.
Despite the fact that it is safer to drink than tap water, filtered water also has a smoother, crisper, colder taste.

water bottle


So where can you buy your bottled water?

Here at Aquazania our water is purer than an underground mountain spring and cleaner than snow.
This is guaranteed by our 9 step purification process that all of our water goes through before it is bottled in it’s 18.9l poly-carbonate water bottles. These bottles are equipped with unique, non-reusable sealing caps that ensure our premium Aquazania water is completely sterile, cool and crisp. We also provide an after-sales service like no other! We understand that happy customers create a successful business and that’s why we dedicate our time and effort into creating an unrivaled customer service.

But regardless of our high quality water we still recognize that our water bottles may not be the perfect fit for you, thats why we
have compiled a list of alternative bottled water options for you:

Aquabella –

aQuellé –

Bené –

Bonaqua –

Ceres Spring Water –

Clover Waters: Nestlé Pure Life –

Di Bella Spring Water –

La Vie De Luc –

MultiSource Beverages –

Oryx Aqua –

Thirsti –

Valpré –

Aquazania –

Aqua Africa –

SuperBev –

Cape Aqua –

H2O –

Helderspruit –

Magalies Water –

Oasis Water –

Stay happy and hydrated and choose the right bottled water for you!