Floor Standing vs. Desktop Water Coolers

Floor Standing vs. Desktop Water Coolers

Providing a healthy, consistent water supply in the office is a must these days, especially if your employees are spending upwards of 8 hours a day at work, and the type of business you run requires a lot of meetings, both internally and with outsiders. Ticking the boxes in terms of the basics will go a long way towards the general health of your office, not mentioning the benefits to company culture, when you should care and consideration to the needs of the staff on the ground (enough with expecting them to drink from the tap only and wondering why they’re getting sick more often). A good starting point when looking at a clean water supplier, is to consider the options available to you, but first, distinguishing between what will work better for your team – a floor standing option, or if desktop water coolers. Let’s have a look at the benefits of both.

What is a Floor Standing Water Cooler?

A floor standing water cooler, is traditionally also known as a bottled water cooler. These are a type of watercooler that was made popular in the 90’s in many films, and also started the commonly known stereotype around “watercooler conversations”. This is a cheap, quick solution if you’re in a hurry.

What is a Desktop Water Cooler?

A desktop water cooler is more commonly known as a bottleless water cooler solution. It plugs in directly to a water source, giving you an “endless supply” so to speak, needing a bit more care and management, especially if you’re not looking to run up the company water bill. This tends to be a bit more pricey, but might have better long term effects.

The Benefits of Floor Standing vs. Desktop Water Coolers

Floor standing water coolers are fairly basic, with mid-range models coming with a hot water solution as well. These types of coolers are great, because it is easy to manage the amount of water you use in any given month. You are able to order a fixed amount of water bottles, communicate to the staff that this is all you can account for at this stage, and have it conveniently delivered to you each month, without much back and forth aside from a signature here and there. This means you’re unlikely to get a nasty water bill after a month of heavy use, especially in a time when things may be a little tighter than usual. On the downside, you may run out of water in the middle of summer months, where people are drinking more water than usual, so it requires a bit more maintenance and ideally an office manager with direct the process carefully. 

Desktop water coolers don’t run the risk of ever running out in the middle of a summer month, as they plug in directly to the water source within the building, with the water being filtered and cleaned by the machine itself. As you can imagine, it requires a greater amount of regulation, to avoid a big bill at the end of the summer months. You will however, never run out of water at an inconvenient time (the day of a bit investor meeting, for instance) and another benefit, is the fact that these water coolers come with more bells and whistles than your traditional floor standing cooler. Albeit a little bit more pricey, if you’re looking for a longer term solution that has multiple uses, this is the way to go.

Where To Get Your Next Water Cooler

Regardless of your needs, it’s best to explore your options, considering what will work best for your office, and your team specifically. Aquazania is a great option to explore when you’re on the hunt, not only because of their wide range of products, but because they offer both purchases and rentals, each with extensive maintenance benefits. That means that you don’t have to break the bank for a higher end machine, by having to pay a big sum upfront, should you not be able to. You’re also guaranteed of very competitive prices as a whole, and it’s no surprise that these guys are a top supplier in the Johannesburg region for this very reason, and because of the diverse range of products they offer.