Fridge Filtered vs. Cooler Filtered Water

Fridge Filtered vs. Cooler Filtered Water

A lot of people around South Africa are switching to a filtered water supply at home, be it in the form of a standalone water cooler, getting a water filter that connects directly to the main line, or purchasing a fridge that comes with a water dispenser. That begs the question as to, when it comes down to it, whether fridge filtered water and cooler filtered water provide the same overall health benefits to the consumer. While difficult to generalise, we’ve decided to take a look at two supplies, providing a short case study of each, to help you decide what is going to work best for your family, before you make a decision on the type of system you’d like to introduce at home.

A Good Water Supply is Essential

Firstly, it’s important to consider that a good, clean water supply is essential to our our wellbeing as humans. It is not enough to bank on good ol’ tap water, which is riddled with various bacteria that can cause a host of health problems for you. Your body may have a harder time fighting these off, especially if you’re prone to getting ill often, or if someone in your family has a lower immune system. If you’re getting the sense that the household is getting ill more regularly of late, consult your doctor first, but also consider the state of the water supply to the household as a secondary problem.

Case Study: Samsung Fridge Filter

Samsung, for example, has a range of fridges with a built in water dispenser, each requiring you to change the filter roughly every 5 to 6 months. While fridge filters are convenient in a sense, providing quick and easy access to cold water, these systems don’t always reduce the same amount of contaminants as other options. The primary function when a fridge is designed, plainly put, is how it keeps your food cold or frozen. Providing a clean water supply is a secondary consideration. Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, impurities can get into a fridge filter at any time. At times, parts can also be tricky to track down, and keep in mind that you need to use a specific product related to the type of model of your fridge, which, in some situations, requires you to get part from an international source. Locally sourced replacement cartridges are around R600 a pop (you’ll need at least two a year), and luckily these are fairly uncomplicated to install, and some online stores do allow you to get a bulk order of three or more, at a discounted rate. 

Case Study: Aquazania Water Cooler

Aquazania also has a range of water products, split between bottled and bottleless options. For these machines, their primary function (as set out in their design) is to remove as many contaminants from your drinking water as possible, be it through the direct source of water at home, or by providing the cleanest possible water through traditional standing water coolers. With these products, 99% of contaminants are tackled, leaving you with less worry about the quality of the water, which is always sterile, fresh and cool. Renting one of their machines starts from as little as R150 per month, and you also get direct access to their maintenance team if you choose to do so. Their products also come with a hot water dispenser, something that is rare on most refrigerator dispensers, especially those on the lower end of the scale. Water coolers are built to be environmentally friendly too, which is a major plus in this day and age.