Is It Safe For Babies To Drink Bottled Water?

Is It Safe For Babies To Drink Bottled Water?

Newborns require around the clock care, and with so many considerations to be made and so much important information to remember when you’re a parent for the first time, some of the lower hanging things to keep in mind might slip your mind at some point. The topic of whether to give your child distilled, bottled or tap water is a hot one among online parenting groups, so we’ve decided to make it easy for you and to alleviate some of the stress of a long Google search, by giving you a sense of whether it is safe for babies to drink bottled water, and what you should keep in mind when planning on doing so in the first place.

Water Is Crucial To Healthy Human Development

As humans are made up of up to 65% water, it is a crucial component to our overall health and development into adulthood. Babies under six months don’t require liquids over and above formula and/or breast milk, as these provide a primary source of nutrients and vitamins.  The infant is not required to take on more liquids than that, until their first birthday at least. Drinking water does begin to become a factor at around six months, and bottled water can be a safe alternative to use, if you’re worried about how clean the water supply from the tap really is. There are however some important things to check on the labels of the bottle, which we’ll touch on later in the piece.

Finding Yourself In Unfamiliar Territory

It happens and is part of the parenting process. Imagine that it’s a hot summer’s day in South Africa, and you and baby have decided to go for a walk outside. A couple of minutes in, you realise that you haven’t packed any liquids, and because your child is approaching their first birthday, you understand that water will soon become a regular part of their schedule, not just something they have in small doses at mealtimes. Are you able to just buy a bottle of water from the nearest shop and will this be safe for your baby to drink?

A Simple Solution: Buying Bottled Water

The short answer is yes, bottled water is a safe option, but you should make sure of exactly what you’re buying first. Have a look at the label before you make a purchasing decision, ensuring firstly that the sodium content (Na) is less than 250mg per liter of water you’re buying. It is also important to pick a low sulfate option, which has less than 250mg of SO4 in a liter of water too. Low fluoride options are the best choice here, as these are generally the safest for babies to drink. While these are not always as freely available in all grocery stores, your best bet is to ask the shop owner and to check at another store, should you have to opportunity to do so. Having done so, it’s off you go, and you and baby are in the clear to have a wonderful afternoon outside.

Remembering The Power of Boiled Water

Always remember that whenever you’re in doubt, you can boil any water at home if you’re worried about its quality, as this ensures the germs are instantly killed, and it only takes about a minute for the process to run its full course. While not always an option while taking care of your baby, this is something to keep in mind should other situations show up in your day where you are uncertain of what to do. Aquazania, a leading water supplier in South Africa, has multiple baby-safe water options to consider, as a result of their bottled and bottleless water solutions. If you’re looking for a permanent solution for your home, and you’ve recently added a new member to the family, discuss this with them, and they’ll be happy to give you some options to explore. Before you know it, your little one will be in a groove of drinking water, setting them up for a much healthier developmental phase, and also helping them to steer clear of sugar rich fizzy alternatives wherever possible.