The Smarter Choice: Plastic vs. Glass Drinking Water Bottles

The Smarter Choice: Plastic vs. Glass Drinking Water Bottles

When it comes to deciding on a water bottle for drinking, you may have been caught between the decision to explore a couple of types. Plastic and glass may have come up, along with some other steel variants, both of which have their own unique set of pros and cons as a reusable bottle. In 2020, being environmentally conscious is part of a social burden we all need to share as a collective, and deciding to buy a bottle that you can reuse is already a choice that positively impacts the environment, as you won’t keep buying products with individual packaging time and time again. Let’s take a close look at plastic and glass bottles, detailing which may be the best to go with, while considering your individual needs, and the options available to you. 

Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic is a tremendously popular choice for reusable water bottles, especially considering that they are cheaper to produce and sell than some of their counterparts. What’s important to keep in mind, is that these types of water bottles come with a relatively low recycling rate, as well as a relatively short lifespan. Plastic water bottles, while practical and easy to store in your fridge without fear that they will fall and break, tend to end up in landfills regularly and often take hundreds of years before they start to decompose. Also remember that reusing a bottle while not washing it regularly can leave you exposed to harmful bacteria, or even toxins from the bottle itself. 

Glass Water Bottles

Glass is another option you can look at, which may be a little more expensive and less durable than its counterparts, but many studies have shown that consumers experience a better taste when using a glass bottle than an alternative. Glass bottles are likely to break, so you have to factor in that you’ll probably need to replace them at some point, and are also susceptible to changes in temperature, especially in the blistering South African sun. If you can look past the increased costs, and you remain mindful that glass is recycled faster than plastic, this is a great choice to consider. 

Deciding On The Best Option Based on Your Needs

Before you make a decision about which type of bottle you’d like to use, take a minute to look at which option is going to best suit your needs, as well as your pockets. Are you someone who actively goes to the gym, or do you just need a bottle for when you’re at work? Are there other water supplies around you during the course of the day (some offices may have healthy purified water options), which can help you save some money? Do an assessment of your needs and talk to your friends and family about some of the products they have used. Regardless of your choice, by reducing your overall usage through a reusable bottle, you’re already contributing to the welfare of the earth. A pat on the back to you for that!