Everything to Know About Renting a Water Cooler

Everything to Know About Renting a Water Cooler

Water coolers are a staple in homes and offices from around the country, considering the health benefits attached to not only drinking enough water in your day, but also consuming clean water, from a fresh, uncontaminated supply. Many companies, especially in times when the economy is a little tighter than usual, have opted to go for a rental option, rather than buying some of their essentials upfront. Aquazania is one of the country’s leading water cooler providers, and they have been at the forefront of supplying rentals and for purchase coolers for the past decade. With many satisfied customers, we were curious to learn more about the benefits of renting a water cooler, in comparison to buying one outright. 

The Key Benefit of Renting: Facilitating Cashflow

It has to be said, but renting a water cooler can have a great effect on your cashflow, considering you don’t have to make a significant investment upfront to buy the machine. With monthly installments over a fixed term contract, you may be paying a little more than when purchasing it upfront in the long run, but if your business is still in its incubation phase, it may be the perfect opportunity to give you a little bit of extra legroom when it comes to the budget. By renting, you’re freeing up some extra cash during the month, which can go to other necessities, like stationary milk, or other essential supplies.

Renting Provides Options and Flexibility

By renting a watercooler, you’re essentially provided with greater flexibility, and a wide range of products to choose from. If you’re not happy with the model you’ve rented, or if your needs change based on the company going through a shift, a rental allows you to change products, to tailor more closely to your interchangeable needs. If you buy a water cooler upfront, you may be stuck with what you have, and in cases of corporate expansion, you may then need to invest even further in additional water coolers, rather than having the option to rent a model that can provide you with a greater output, based on the increased feet on the ground. These are important considerations to make, especially if you have a view towards short term growth of the company.

Around The Clock Maintenance & Support

Something else that is rarely considered, is that renting a watercooler essentially gives you access to around the clock maintenance and support. You are using a product owned by another company, and while you are responsible for the upkeep and to ensure the product does not get damaged over and above wear and tear, a rental does provide you with peace of mind, should there be any manufacturing glitches, or in the general upkeep of the machine. You’ll have direct access to a company that will be able to answer any of your questions, while also giving you the chance to discuss any product changes, new releases, or ways to better optimise your budget, before purchasing a machine for yourself. 

The World Is Changing, Fast

Ranging from R150 to R2500, based on the needs of the business or your needs at home, when choosing a rental you’re guaranteed to get the product you want, within a price range you’re comfortable with. The world is adapting, and subscription models are becoming core focus areas for some of the biggest businesses in the world. Make sure you keep up with the pack, and enquire about a rental for your water cooler machine today.