Sediment Water Filters vs Water Coolers

Sediment Water Filters vs Water Coolers

There are many different purified water solutions to choose from for your home or office. This can easily be overwhelming but you don’t need to feel like a fish out of water when deciding which option is the best for you. The below guide will explain and help you navigate between sediment water filters and water coolers. 

Different Filtration Methods

There are two filtration methods to keep in mind that are usually used for all water purification needs from drinking to bathing. The first is a Point of Use system (POU) and the second is a Point of Entry system (POE). POU systems allow municipal water to flow normally through pipping and filters the water directly at the point of use such as the water cooler tap or shower faucet. Where the POU system filters water right where it is used at the tap, POE systems filter water for the whole household or office. This system attaches to the main water line and filters the water before it ever gets to the tap. 

So POU vs POE? They both offer value but the choice depends on your personal context. POU systems are best for improving the drinking water of a single tap such as in the kitchen or for a water cooler in the office. POE systems are best for filtering water for a whole house, for everything from bathing to drinking. 

Sediment Water Filters

These filters use the POE method, meaning this filtration is best when you would like to filter water for many taps such as through the whole office and through all the house taps. This method is best for large offices, households and restaurants. 

This methods filters all matter that is not liquid from the water such as dirt or rust from plumbing. This system prevents any particles from entering your water and acts as the first line of defence against water impurities. 

There are many types of sediment filters to choose from and these range in how much they filter out. These filters will need to be changed every six months to one year. When water pressure starts to drop then this is a sign that it is time for a filter change. 

Water Coolers

You can choose from water coolers where the water is pre-purified and then bottled for delivery. Or, you can choose water coolers where the water is purified through a POU system where the water is purified on-site and at the tap and no bottles are required. The choice is dependent on whether you want to keep large water bottles on hand and receive deliveries. If you do not have the space for this then water coolers using a POU system without water bottles are best. Water coolers are ideal for offices and households when your main concern is drinking water and not the filtration of the whole building. Water coolers using bottled water are low maintenance as water gets delivered and the machines do not require the maintenance that comes with POE systems. 

So which should you purchase?

  • For restaurants and mass filtration choose sediment water filters. 
  • If your main concern is drinking water then choose an easy-to-use water cooler, such as for your kitchen or office. 
  • If you have limited storage space then choose a POE water cooler. 
  • If you prefer not to maintain a filter than choose a POU water cooler.