Stefani Water Filters Range

Stefani Water Filters Range

A decent water purifying system in your home, provided by a trusted source and from a reputable supplier, can make all the difference when considering the longer term health goals of your family. It’s no surprise that doctors prescribe two liters (or 8 glasses) of water a day, and it is encouraged that the supply is clean and purified, to ensure you don’t expose yourself or your family to any nasty viruses or bacteria. Our natural water supply has this in abundance, so it’s simply not good enough to trust that the water supply coming from the tap will be good for you in the long run. Let’s explore some water filter options from Stefani, a reputable international brand, looking at what they offer, and hopefully helping you to find the correct match for you lifestyle.

More About Stefani

Established in the early 90’s in the Australasian area, Stefani is a leading manufacturer of water filtration products, shipping internationally to the home and commercial market. What we like about these guys, their general mission and value statement aside, is that they are committed to a quality assurance program which holds their products accountable on a global scale. Needless to say, this forward facing brand has established itself as a leader in the industry and is showing no signs of slowing down as we head into the 2020’s.

Why Water Purifiers Are Important

As mentioned, a purified water supply is a far greater source of a natural resource we are dependant on, rather than simply trusting the supply from a tap or elsewhere. Water purifiers, through a host of systems and processes, ensure that a majority of harmful bacteria are eliminated, while a minute chemical addition makes the water as safe as possible for consumption. Without water filters and purifiers, there’s no telling what you’re drinking, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re getting ill more often than some of your friends or peers at work. That’s why it is important to make your health a top priority and invest in a water filtration system sooner rather than later. 

Types of Water Purifiers in the Stefani Range

Stefani has a wide range of products tailor to home or office use. The following three caught our eye specifically, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also because of user-friendliness and other design elements that would be beneficial to the everyday user:

  • The 10L Black Porcelain Purifier is a table top purifier, that is so easy to use, you don’t even need a plumbing solution. This purifier uses an easy to install ceramic gravity purifying candle and these candles are relatively cost-effective if you buy them in bulk upfront.
  • The 12L Ceramic Purifier provides maximum capacity pure water for you and the family. Coming in an elegant white colour, this product only contains three quick steps to use, purifying 1L per hour, so you’ll be set up in no time, enjoying a glass and improving your health too.
  • The wildcard product in their range is the 2L Water Jug, perfect as a backup system and if you’d like to keep cold water in the fridge. Looking almost like a kettle, this product requires a small cartridge to purify the water, and will also make sure you’re not left hanging when you get home from work after a long hot day.

Finding the Correct Water Filter Solution for You

Regardless of your needs, it’s worth starting by speaking to an expert about it first. Aquazania is a leading water brand in South Africa that not only offers a wide range of choices, but they’re renowned online for offering great service in the process too. Explore Stefani Water filters and others when chatting to them, and be sure to find out about any special deals or upcoming products that may be worth your while.