Still Water vs. Sparkling Water

Still Water vs. Sparkling Water

Water is an essential part of all life and without it, humans would not be able to survive. It carries an abundance of minerals and is the sole reason for many major health benefits. For that reason, various selections, and variations of water (such as sparkling water) have become available to us in our day-to-day lives in order to make our required daily water intake just that much easier to attain.

Still Water:

So what are some important health benefits and advantages of drinking Still Water?

  • Water Maximises Physical Performance

With a healthy intake of water, you will find that your physical performance will increase as you are replenishing your body’s water level percentage. However, all it takes is for you to lose 2% of your body’s water until you are classified as dehydrated. When you are dehydrated you will find symptoms such as reduced motivation, increased fatigue, and anxiety (as well as making your everyday activities harder to perform). And I’m sure you are thinking that it must take a lot for you to lose 2% of your body’s water, however, physical activities that cause you to sweat can make you lose roughly 6-10% of your body’s water. 

(Make sure you are hydrated while exercising or partaking in any physical activity to avoid dehydration and increase performance!)

  • Water Influences Brain Functionality

The same way that a healthy intake of water will maximize your physical performance, a healthy intake of water will also influence your brain functionality too. 

How so? Well, all it takes is being ‘mildly dehydrated’ (which is losing about 1% of your body’s water) for your brain to feel a decline in productivity and a loss of 1.59% of your body’s water for it to be detrimental to your memory and anxiety levels. 

Water also:

  • Relieves headaches.
  • Improves weight loss.
  • Clears skin.
  • Regulates body temperatures. 

BUT does Sparkling Water carry the same health benefits as Still Water does?

The simple answer is yes. 

The only difference between still water and sparkling water is the carbon dioxide gas that is in sparkling water which causes it to be bubbly and fizzy. 

It’s the extra buzz in the water that pushes people toward sparkling water and away from harmful, carbonated drinks.

According to various studies and despite popular belief, drinking sparkling water does the same for your body as drinking still water as you are still getting your intake of water.  

However, regardless of still and sparkling water having the same health benefits, they do not have the same side effects. 

  • The bubbles in sparkling water can cause you to feel fuller and suppress your appetite. 
  • The bubbles can cause indigestion if consumed too quickly.
  • Carbonic acid can have a mild erosive effect on your teeth.
  • Sparkling water is less hydrating than normal still water.
  • Avoid drinking sparkling water after a workout as the bubbles create the illusion that you are fully hydrated

To conclude, when deciding between still or sparkling water, remember that both beverages carry the same health benefits. However, keep in mind that sparkling water can easily be a bubbly alternative to soda/carbonated drinks and sparkling water is 100x less damaging than soda is.