Sunbeam Water Dispenser Range

Sunbeam Water Dispenser Range

Having a clean water supply in your office is absolutely crucial, especially ahead of the hot South African summers, which frankly are getting hotter and hotter with each passing year. It is important to consider a decent water supply for your staff and team members, not only ensuring their good health and hydration, but showing them that you make their wellbeing something that is high up on the company’s priority list. Sunbeam is a well recognised brand in the water cooler industry, and we were curious to hear that they recently released a very modern style range of coolers, which we were happy to be able to explore a little. 

About Sunbeam

Sunbeam’s history dates back to 1902, having been established in Australia as part of another corporation called the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company. In 1946, the company itself was changed to the Sunbeam Corporation and became publicly traded in the 1950’s as a result. Almost 70 years later, their water coolers are in homes and offices around the world, with the brand establishing themselves as an industry leader for a bulk of that time.

The Appeal of Modern Water Dispensers

Modern water dispensers have high mass appeal in the modern era, thanks to their efficiency and ease of use. The way they have been designed in the last few decades, has provided the user with a choice between bottled, floor standing and plumbed in options, opening up the industry to a range of unique offerings. We’ve mentioned how important a clean supply of water is to the office from a health and culture perspective, although it’s worth reiterating that unlike other industries, modern water dispensers are designed with cost to the user in mind, ensuring added value each time. It’s a win-win, really. 

Water Dispensers in the Sunbeam Range

While hard to choose just three, the following really caught out eye not only in terms of design, price and user friendliness, but also because of any features that point to “over and above” added value to the customer:

  • Their Cold and Hot Floor Standing Water Dispenser comes in two product variants, namely Sunbeam and Sunbeam 2. The former is more tailored to office use, and retails at roughly R2000. The latter, which has more of a sleek design and comes in luxurious black, is more high end and is similar to what you would see in the gym, albeit slightly more fashion forward of course.
  • Sunbeam’s Table Top Water Dispenser is an alternative solution if you’re looking for something a little more mobile, and specifically for single person use (the product only has one dispensing spout). This is great for an entrepreneur on the go, providing up to 2L’s of clean water at any given time. 
  • The SSWD-200H Water Dispenser is a more affordable option than either of the Floor Standing options, albeit a little smaller and not as tall off’ the ground. With the minimum temperature of water provided ranging from 6 to a maximum in the 90’s (yikes), this versatile machine is a good starting point if you’re not looking for too many bells and whistles in the process.

Where To Get Your Next Water Dispenser

Aquazania is a forward facing company, offering a 7 day free trial on any machine in their water cooler range. Based in Sandton in Johannesburg, these guys service the wider Gauteng area and should be a first stop if you’re considering getting a water dispenser for your home or office. What’s particularly great is that their types of products are diverse enough to give you many options to choose from, depending on your individual needs, and in line with the pricing you feel comfortable with. Happy hydration this summer!