The Best Small Water Bottle Options in South Africa

The Best Small Water Bottle Options in South Africa

Sometimes, a set of small water bottles in a boardroom make for the perfect finishing touch, to create a good impression on a client or investor you are trying to impress. These days, it is all the more important to be environmentally conscious, especially when purchasing water bottles, rather than considering a bottleless solution or exploring your options. If your company is set on using recycle friendly water bottles, then look no further than our list of four of South Africa’s top small water bottle suppliers in the country.


Aquazania is an established brand based in Gauteng, providing premium water in a variety of sizes. Boardrooms aside, this is a good option to explore for corporate events as well, especially if your business hosts many conferences and showcases. One of their standout products is the 1L bottle, which is great for if you’re on the road all day, but still need to have a fresh, healthy supply of water on hand, regardless of whether you are bouncing around from office-to-office or travelling from city to city. Don’t forget to ask some of your colleagues to top you up during the day!


Valpre is perhaps one of the most renowned small water bottle suppliers in the country, partly due to their close link with the Coca Cola company, a globally recognised enterprise. Their small water bottles, which come in still or sparkling options, don’t come in as many size varieties as the other brands on our list. They primarily focus on the 500ml and 1L versions in South Africa, supplied directly from the Fricona Valley in KZN. If you’re looking for quality, but are not afraid to spend a little more per unit, then Valpre is the way to go. 


These guys are a bit of a wildcard, due in part to a bold decision to move from using water bottles to water boxes (interesting, right?). This was a decision that ultimately led to them being endorsed by the Endangered Wildlife Trust, which is not something to be understated. While we’re mostly considering bottled solutions today, and it may be a little odd to bring a water box looking like a milk carton on the road with you, it is worth giving these guys a mention, as an out-of-the box thinking company, providing a variety of options in a similar line to its competitors, but doing so in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Hats off to you guys!


Last but not least, South African Water Technologies are a supplier based in Durban. Ranging from 250ml options all the way up to five litres, they provide plastic and glass options, with the water supplied in a choice between reverse osmosis or condensation. To find out more about the benefits of either, it’s a good idea to check out their website. Speaking of: their online ordering process was effective enough when we tested it, and their customer service wasn’t half bad either.

Whether you’re looking for small water bottles for your next event, conference or just a big meeting with a potential investor, then you can bank on any of these four providing you with a choice that is not only environmentally conscious, but also tailored towards your individual needs as a customer. Don’t be shy to tell the supplier what you need, and to be as specific as you want, within the price range you can afford. South Africa is renowned for its rich water sources, particularly in KZN, so you can bank on any of these brands delivering a high quality product, in a process that is as seamless and time saving for you as possible.