Water Cooler Companies in South Africa:

Water Cooler Companies in South Africa:

Water is an essential part of everyday life.
Studies reflect that in order to prevent dehydration and maintain a healthy intake of water, the average person should drink roughly 2l of water per day.
However, there are numerous articles, news stories and rumors circling about the contamination of tap water in South Africa.
These micro-plastics and chemicals found in our water are a scary yet very apparent realization.
So, how are we supposed to stay hydrated, drinking 2l of water per day when our water is allegedly poisonous?

That’s where water coolers come in offering the freshest, most premium hot and/or cold water.
By purchasing a water cooler you are NOT ONLY eliminating all the contaminants in your drinking water (avoiding any health concerns), but you are also purchasing a machine that produces better tasting, colder (or hotter) water
at much more of a convenience – making that 2l per day a whole lot more enjoyable.

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With that being said, here are some water cooler companies to consider:


Aquazania was founded in 1966 and certainly has a lot of experience in the industry.
They follow a 9 step purification process that ensures the most top-quality, pure water and offer bottled water coolers and plumbed-in water coolers too.
The bottled water coolers are priced at R4500 and produce 4.5l of water per hour.
The plumbed-in water coolers have a heavier price (but of course with functions to justify the price) and range from R4500 to R32 000 producing from 4.5l per hour to 80l per hour.


Pureau boasts that not all water is created equal – and when it comes to Pureau, you can literally taste the difference.

This is due to their advanced, internationally recognized 8 step purification process offering 1.8l of water per hour in their bottled water coolers and 3l-unlimited water per hour in their plumbed-in systems.
Inquire with them online for their prices!

H20 International:

H20 International’s ultimate aim is to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of all who drink their water.
With a wide range of water coolers to choose from, H2O International have plumbed-in water coolers ranging from R3550 to R47 425, ensuring you find the cooler you are looking for.
Additionally, their bottled water coolers range from R3625 to R7395.
For a wide selection of water coolers, attachments and more, go visit H2O International.

The Water Cooler Company:

For a range of cheaper options The Water Cooler Company has a few choices at their bottled water coolers ranging from R2850 to R3440.
These coolers are for your smaller amounts of people as they produce +- 20-30 cups of water per hour.
Also take a look at their plumbed-in options starting at R3600 and reaching up to R21 850 including a 2 stage water filter system.

With the increase in contaminants in everyday tap water it is becoming more and more crucial that people are drinking safe, clean water.
Make the smarter choice and invest in your health – Install a water cooler in your home, workspace or gym.