Best Water Coolers for Gyms:

Best Water Coolers for Gyms:

So you’re exercising at the gym and you really working up a thirst.
You then go and make your way over to the water cooler, fill up a cup and gulp it down.
And while this cold, refreshing (almost sweet) water makes it way down your throat, you’re already thinking about refilling another cup and gulping that one down too.

This water tastes different though. I can’t quite put my finger on it… but its colder and smoother and just revives whatever remaining energy you have left. But does water really taste that much better just because you have been running around and lifting weights? Or is it the state of the art water coolers with their purified premium water offering a healthier, more enjoyable experience?

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Here are the water coolers that are ensuring you a fresher, superior experience at the gym:

Bottled Water Coolers:

For your smaller gyms with fewer members it would be fitting to purchase the cheaper, more cost-efficient bottled water cooler at R4500 or R150p/m. These Aquacoolers are fitted with an internal filtration system that prevent bacteria from entering the water cooler, therefore allowing for purer, healthier water. These machines are also equipped with stainless steel reservoirs that preserve the quality and taste of the water.

By no means are you sacrificing or compromising the traits that allow for such fresh, true, natural water but instead you are purchasing the machine that best suits the size of your gym.

How so?
Bottled water coolers rely on their 4.5l bottle being replaced once they have been finished.
This means that at gyms that are busy and have high volumes of people, there will be a lot more people drinking water and consequently finishing the bottles, requiring for the bottles to be replaced and thus additional maintenance required and furthermore creating room for error, frustration and unhappy customers.
Whereas implementing a bottled water cooler at a smaller gym will carry all the same benefits of a more expensive water cooler with the luxury of paying exponentially less.

Bottleless Water Coolers:

Now we’re talking the real deal.
We’re talking water coolers ranging from R6000.00 to R35 000.00 and from 4.5l per hour to a cool 80l per hour. These machines boast an attractive design with settings and functions that show your everyday gymers just how important customer experience is to your gym. These machines offer the benefits of healthy, pure water coupled with the option of still, ambient or sparkling water. There are also options to enable or disable the hot water function too. With water coolers producing up to 80l per hour, these bottleless water coolers are a good fit for a big gym as they cater for a large amount of people with little to no maintenance required, only perks and customer satisfaction.

In essence, pure, fresh water is a sure necessity for a gym that only a water cooler can provide.
Learn more about the many options there are and which water cooler is viable for your gym.

Bottles Water Coolers vs Plumbed in Water Coolers vs Drinking Fountains vs Boiling and Chilled Taps

Bottles Water Coolers vs Plumbed in Water Coolers vs Drinking Fountains vs Boiling and Chilled Taps


Bottled Water Cooler

If you consider the Aquazania bottled water cooler, you are opting for quantity over quality. Nothing measures up to the taste offered by Aquazania bottled water. And there are no maintenance costs on our bottled coolers.

Why? Firstly, because our modern Aquacoolers are fitted with an internal air filtration system. This system prevents bacteria from entering your machine – negating the possibility of contaminated water, or the infiltration of unwanted contaminants into the machine itself. This system also allows for the preservation of our famous purified water – giving you the best possible taste without any unwanted odours either.

All Aquazania water bottles use a unique, single-use bottle cap; this means that from when your water comes off our production line, until it is inserted into your water cooler, there is no possibility of anything making its way into the bottle, or into the machine once the bottled is replaced.

Plumbed in Water Coolers

Aquazania also has a large range of Plumbed-In (or mains-fed) units. These water coolers are plumbed directly into your water mains and offer various levels of filtration, which is absolutely vital for healthy, pure water delivery.

Plumbed-in coolers can serve many more people in a shorter time-frame as it has no limitation of bottle size. You have access to chilled or heated water in a much larger capacity. For instance, a large corporation would find better use out of this than having to wait for hot or cold water from a bottled water cooler.

So here, you are opting for quantity over quality.

Also, some plumbed-in machines offer one thing that bottled-water coolers do not; they are capable of producing hot, cold and ambient temperature water – as well as carbonated water – something to consider if this is one of the things you want form your water cooler.

Maintenance is a key area of differences between various models, but users need to know that there will always be the need for some regular maintenance, and should be prepared for the related costs for plumbed-in coolers. Remember, there are NO maintenance costs for bottle Aquazania Bottled Water Coolers.

Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains are perfect for public spaces and high usage areas (parks, schools etc.). No electricity is needed, they are environment friendly as the number of disposable plastic bottles is saved from landfills, they are low maintenance and low cost. There is also a possibility of using the run-off for watering plants.

Drinking fountains are highly functional but not recommended for indoor use.

Boiling and Chilled Taps

Now, Boiling and Chilled Taps: Boiling and chilled water taps need professional fitting.

They sit on the worktop, have to be plumbed in and the water tanks need to be connected to electricity to work.

Furthermore, not all boiling taps provide boiling water. There is a subtle but distinct difference between boiling water taps and hot water taps. Boiling water taps deliver water at 100ºC; hot water taps deliver water just shy of that. As a consumer, you may not notice a difference, but if you’re fussy about how hot your morning coffee is, you will.

Boiling water taps provide households with the luxury of instant hot water without the need to use any kettles or add to household bills from boiler use. Some can act as just a kettle separate to your ordinary tap, and some are all-in-one, replacing your existing one.

To sum up:

  • Bottled Water Coolers are an efficient way of providing chilled, great tasting water.
  • Plumbed in Water Coolers the ideal office cooler solution that saves you money and helps the environment. Quantity over quality of water.
  • Drinking Water Fountains are best suited to an area of very high usage.
  • Boiling & Chilled Taps are ideal for household kitchens.