Renting a Water Cooler vs Buying Water from The Shops: Costs Compared

Renting a Water Cooler vs Buying Water from The Shops: Costs Compared

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With water becoming one of the most talked about subjects on our planet, due to its increasing scarcity because of global warming. South Africa is no different. Especially since we have recently faced real water shortages. This overview deals with the cost of renting a water cooler against the price of bottled water. You will find the results interesting.

How much water should I be drinking?

This is the first issue associated with water costs that we need to examine. We have been told for the longest time we require a daily intake of 8 glasses (2 litres) of water per day.

How do I calculate how much I spend on drinking water?

For water coolers we have included average monthly rental prices and cost per bottle of water. For bottled water we have included an average pricing per bottle of water.

What is the cost of Water Coolers per month?

Assuming you live in a household with an average of 4 people; your daily consumption would average of 2 litres each per day,that is 8 litres per day, weekly at 56 litres and monthly at 224 litres.

Your average water cooler rents out at R150.00 per month and each bottle costs an average of R60.00 for around +/- 20 litres. So, for your average household you are looking to spend in the region of R820.00 for your water cooler as well as the water itself. For a family of 4 that is not bad going at all.

Buying water from the shops at an average of R7.00 for 500ml x 124L works out per month for the same household of 4 people to R 1736 per month! And you have the extra inconvenience of all those plastic bottles, so bad for the environment and global warming.

This little exercise shows you clearly that renting a water cooler is by far the most cost effective choice.

Disclaimer: The prices listed herein are accurate at the time of publication, but may be subject to change without prior notice and may or may not include VAT, delivery or installation charges. These products are stocked, rented and sold by Aquazania and similar products by other enterprises may differ in price and functionality.

Best Water Cooler Suppliers in South Africa

Best Water Cooler Suppliers in South Africa


There are many suppliers of good water coolers in the country. Something important to remember when you buy a water cooler is the quality of the after-sales service.

As with any kind of purchase you may be undertaking for the first time, it’s crucial you do your own, quantified homework on the product. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: what materials are used (for example – steel VS plastic), what features the machine has, what the average lifespan of a machine is etc.

These prices vary. We have not mentioned the rental terms or duration, nor any kind of product-subsidy for the water coolers. These may influence the pricing greatly. Some of these prices also don’t include VAT, a once-off admin fee, a service fee or any other sundries which may be hidden.

We take the top 3 major suppliers and compare their pricing.

These prices are for outright purchase or rental and do not include any supplied water.

These are all freestanding water coolers with an 18.9L polycarbonate water bottle.

62 waters

Purchase Price: R2 890

Monthly Rental Price: R60


Purchase Price: R4 500.00

Monthly Rental Price: R150.00

Price per water bottle: R60.00

Drinkingwaters Africa

Arctic, Floor-Standing, Hot & Cold complete with 18.9L Polycarbonate Bottle

Purchase Price: R2 852.00

The Watercooler Company

Purchase Price: R2 825

Disclaimer: All pricing was obtained via website pricing guides. The prices are therefore subject to change, tailoring or alteration by the supplier. This is intended as a general overview. While we have taken every effort to provide you with up-to-date prices, we always suggest you enquire directly. We also acknowledge that this is a broad pricing overview and that some listed companies hold, at their discretion, the power to adjust pricing as per customer requirements.

Water Cooler Costs Explained: Plumbed in vs Bottled Water Coolers

Water Cooler Costs Explained: Plumbed in vs Bottled Water Coolers

Plumbed in vs Bottled Water Coolers: The Difference

If you consider the Aquazania bottled water cooler, you are opting for quantity over quality. Nothing measures up to the taste offered by Aquazania bottled water. And there are no maintenance costs on our bottled coolers.

Firstly, our modern Aquacoolers are fitted with an internal air filtration system. This system prevents bacteria from entering your machine – negating the possibility of contaminated water, or the infiltration of unwanted contaminants into the machine itself. This system also allows for the preservation of our famous purified water – giving you the best possible taste without any unwanted odours either.

All Aquazania water bottles use a unique, single-use bottle cap; this means that from when your water comes off our production line, until it is inserted into your water cooler, there is no possibility of anything making its way into the bottle, or into the machine once the bottled is replaced.

The water reservoirs housed within the cooler – for both the hot and cold water – is made from food-grade stainless steel. This material is one of the most resistant to the growth of bacteria.

Lastly, the taps located at the front of your water cooler are nano-silver impregnated; nano-silver is gaining notoriety for preventing any type of microbial growth, and this technology is being employed in all types of household equipment – such as water coolers, refrigerators and even washing machines.

Combining all of these measures, your water cooler is not only pro-active in resisting bacterial growth, but also in preserving the taste and quality of your water.

Aquazania also has a large range of Plumbed-In units. These water coolers are plumbed directly into your water mains and offer various levels of filtration, which is absolutely vital for healthy, pure water delivery.

Plumbed-in coolers can serve many more people in a shorter time-frame as it has no limitation of bottle size. You have access to chilled or heated water in a much larger capacity. For instance, a large corporation would find better use out of this than having to wait for hot or cold water from a bottled water cooler.

So here, you are opting for quantity over quality.

Also, some plumbed-in machines offer one thing that bottled-water coolers do not; they are capable of producing hot, cold and ambient temperature water – as well as carbonated water – something to consider if this is one of the things you want form your water cooler.

Maintenance is a key area of differences between various models, but users need to know that there will always be the need for some regular maintenance, and should be prepared for the related costs for plumbed-in coolers. Remember, there are NO maintenance costs for bottle Aquazania Bottled Water Coolers.

Water Cooler Costs Explained

Bottled water coolers VS plumbed-in water coolers, the economics battle: When deciding between bottled water coolers or plumbed-in water coolers, cost is a factor to consider. A plumbed-in water cooler may cost a lot for the machine itself, and is an upfront payment or paid on monthly installments in the case of renting, but the cost thereafter dramatically reduces. The only real costs to consider on a plumbed in water cooler are filter replacements (which may be more regular if your municipal supply water is of considerable low quality), as well as the electricity required to keep the machine running. The cost of municipal water to dispense is of minimal cost, but should also be considered, and perhaps calculated per municipal area.

However, the water quality from a plumbed-in water cooler will never match the quality of a bottled water cooler. The price of a bottled water cooler could also be quite a large amount upfront, or payable in installments when renting.