Renting a Water Cooler vs Buying Water from The Shops: Costs Compared

Renting a Water Cooler vs Buying Water from The Shops: Costs Compared

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With water becoming one of the most talked about subjects on our planet, due to its increasing scarcity because of global warming. South Africa is no different. Especially since we have recently faced real water shortages. This overview deals with the cost of renting a water cooler against the price of bottled water. You will find the results interesting.

How much water should I be drinking?

This is the first issue associated with water costs that we need to examine. We have been told for the longest time we require a daily intake of 8 glasses (2 litres) of water per day.

How do I calculate how much I spend on drinking water?

For water coolers we have included average monthly rental prices and cost per bottle of water. For bottled water we have included an average pricing per bottle of water.

What is the cost of Water Coolers per month?

Assuming you live in a household with an average of 4 people; your daily consumption would average of 2 litres each per day,that is 8 litres per day, weekly at 56 litres and monthly at 224 litres.

Your average water cooler rents out at R150.00 per month and each bottle costs an average of R60.00 for around +/- 20 litres. So, for your average household you are looking to spend in the region of R820.00 for your water cooler as well as the water itself. For a family of 4 that is not bad going at all.

Buying water from the shops at an average of R7.00 for 500ml x 124L works out per month for the same household of 4 people to R 1736 per month! And you have the extra inconvenience of all those plastic bottles, so bad for the environment and global warming.

This little exercise shows you clearly that renting a water cooler is by far the most cost effective choice.

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