Best Water Cooler Suppliers in South Africa

Best Water Cooler Suppliers in South Africa


There are many suppliers of good water coolers in the country. Something important to remember when you buy a water cooler is the quality of the after-sales service.

As with any kind of purchase you may be undertaking for the first time, it’s crucial you do your own, quantified homework on the product. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: what materials are used (for example – steel VS plastic), what features the machine has, what the average lifespan of a machine is etc.

These prices vary. We have not mentioned the rental terms or duration, nor any kind of product-subsidy for the water coolers. These may influence the pricing greatly. Some of these prices also don’t include VAT, a once-off admin fee, a service fee or any other sundries which may be hidden.

We take the top 3 major suppliers and compare their pricing.

These prices are for outright purchase or rental and do not include any supplied water.

These are all freestanding water coolers with an 18.9L polycarbonate water bottle.

62 waters

Purchase Price: R2 890

Monthly Rental Price: R60


Purchase Price: R4 500.00

Monthly Rental Price: R150.00

Price per water bottle: R60.00

Drinkingwaters Africa

Arctic, Floor-Standing, Hot & Cold complete with 18.9L Polycarbonate Bottle

Purchase Price: R2 852.00

The Watercooler Company

Purchase Price: R2 825

Disclaimer: All pricing was obtained via website pricing guides. The prices are therefore subject to change, tailoring or alteration by the supplier. This is intended as a general overview. While we have taken every effort to provide you with up-to-date prices, we always suggest you enquire directly. We also acknowledge that this is a broad pricing overview and that some listed companies hold, at their discretion, the power to adjust pricing as per customer requirements.