Hot Water Dispenser vs Hydroboil

Hot Water Dispenser vs Hydroboil

Hot Water Dispenser

Both Hot Water Dispensers and Hydroboils both produce instant hot water on tap. But there are advantages of the Dispensers over the Hydroboil machines. These advantages include price, ease of installation, safety and the superior filtration system.

The Aquazania hot water dispenser range starts at around R4500. Hydroboilers are much more costly.

The Aquazania range of hot water dispensers only need to be plugged in to a wall socket, whereas the Hydroboil needs to be installed by a plumber. The plumbing is however, concealed and steam-free, if safety is a concern.

The Aquazania machine can dispense hot and cold water and boasts a safety tap, whereas the Hydroboil has no heat protection – a very important point.

When talking water quality, the water dispenser uses Aquazania’s iconic 9-step filtered and pre-purified water and Hydro uses boiled tap water which does not kill all bacteria.

So if you are looking for quality over quantity, you may want to consider an Aquazania Hot Water Dispenser. They are safe, hygienic and energy efficient.

Units are available in white outer metal casing, or a stainless steel outer casing. A stainless steel drip tray is available as an optional extra.

The secret to a happy workplace – instant boiling water 24/7 at the touch of a tap. No reason to get all steamed up…