Why Your Office Could Do With a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Why Your Office Could Do With a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

If you’ve ever served a glass of tap water to a potential client or investor, and felt some shame around it being warmer than usual because it was a scorching South African summers day, then this is the article for you. Having an in-house water solution with a hot and cold water dispenser can make all the difference when it comes to big meetings, or just in the day-to-day operation of your business. Today we’ll take a look at the benefits of having both dispensers, rather than choosing a standard cold water solution only, which gives you a limited amount of beverage options to choose from, and provide to the visitors of your business. 

The Perks of a Cold Water Dispenser

Summer isn’t the only time when its a good idea to have a clean, fresh supply of cold water for the office. Having this around the clock has more than just superficial benefits, you’ll be sending a strong message to your team that their health is important to you when making sure that you can supply clean water for everyone around the clock. Cold water is great for hot summer days, and a dispenser also helps to save you some fridge space, as people won’t need to store water bottles in there throughout the day. You’ll also be encouraging people to buy less disposable plastic bottled water, which gives your business a sustainability boost too. 

Hot Water at Your (and Client) Fingertips

A hot water dispenser may not be as common on standard water coolers, but can be a great way to save you a bit of time, especially when making instant coffee or tea. The opportunities for drink creation are endless when you have a consistent flow of hot water you can bank on. Better yet, you’ll save yourself some time, not having to boil the kettle each time, which also incurs ongoing electricity costs. Count the amount of times the kettle gets used over the span of a week in your office. The number may come as a big surprise to you!

The Machines That Give You Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

If you’re looking for a professional water solution, a good place to start for machines that have hot and cold water dispensers tends to be bottleless water cooler ranges. These machines build into your supply of water at the office, which also means you’ll never have to worry about short supply. These machines often come with additional bells and whistles: the AQA Touch, a long-time corporate favorite, may be small in size, but boasts an output of 30 litres an hour. Shop around for the best solution for your option, and speak to an expert about any ongoing specials and deals that you may be able to capitalise on. Some companies offer you the chance to rent before you buy, which is a great way to help you find exactly what you and the team are looking for. Happy hot and cold water drinking!