How To Change The Coffee Strength On Your Jura Coffee Machine

How To Change The Coffee Strength On Your Jura Coffee Machine

Good coffee is good coffee, but the strength of that coffee is sometimes what makes it a memorable or regrettable experience. Coupling great quality coffee with a great quality coffee machine is a recipe for sure-fire success, and knowing how to set your coffee strength on your Jura can be the magic trick you need.

Here’s a quick run-down on how to change your coffee strength settings on your Jura coffee machine!

How Can I Change Coffee Strength On A Jura XS9?

  • Open the small black door on the left hand side of your machine; inside, you will see a round silver dial.
  • Press the dial in and hold in until it beeps and displays the word “MAINTENANCE” on screen
  • Turn the dial clockwise once and it will display “PRODUCTS”
  • Press the dial in to select “PRODUCTS”
  • The screen will prompt you to select a product. Selecting a product can be done by pressing the button (select from the four silver buttons located slightly higher up to where the dial is, or to the right hand side of the machine where the milk drinks are dispensed) of the coffee you want to change – the same button you press to make the drink.
  • Turn the dial clockwise again until it displays “AROMA”
  • Press and hold the button in to select AROMA settings
  • Turn the dial – clockwise to INCREASE the strength and anti-clockwise to DECREASE the strength.
  • Press the dial in to select the strength once you are happy. You will see an on-screen notification displayed when the selected strength is set.
  • Continue to turn the dial until the word “EXIT” is displayed, and push the dial in to select “EXIT”.
  • This will take you back to the main settings screen.
  • Continue turning the dial until “EXIT” is displayed again, and select it by pressing in the button once more – returning you to the main screen that id displayed on the machine during use.

Now brew yourself a tasty cuppa, and quietly leave the machine with a cup of happiness in your hand. Proceed with your victory dance.