Choosing the right coffee beans in South Africa

Coffee beans in South Africa come in all tastes and varieties. While the type of coffee machine will influence the taste of the coffee, the type of beans used is the most important factor to consider when buying coffee products for your home or office.

There are many coffee bean suppliers in South Africa, all professing that their beans are superior to their rivals’ products. However, equipping yourself with some basic knowledge about what to look for in a quality coffee bean will help you separate the winning beans from the wannabes. This will ultimately help you achieve the best possible tasting coffee.

Tips to selecting the best coffee beans in South Africa

Here are some things to look out for when shopping for your coffee beans:

  • Acidity level: The acidity level in coffee beans is important as they add to the body of the beans. Kenyan coffee beans are known for their fruity taste and Mexican beans for their metallic taste. Without this sourness in the beans, your coffee will taste flat.
  • Aroma: Fragrant oils are released by the beans as they are roasted. Any high quality coffee bean will contain as much as three times more fragrant oils than that of lower-grade coffee beans. South American coffee beans are renowned for their fantastic aromas as they release a much larger amount of oils during and after roasting.
  • Body: The body of the coffee bean is the way that it feels in your mouth. Flavourful, intense and full bodied beans (like Ethiopian or Kenyan coffee beans) will feel rich and thick in your mouth. There are many coffee bean suppliers right here in South Africa that have fantastic full bodied blends available both to the commercial and domestic markets.

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