Coffee Bean Reviews: Bean There Fair Trade Coffee – D.R. Congo Beans

Coffee Bean Reviews: Bean There Fair Trade Coffee – D.R. Congo Beans

From the go, Bean There impresses. A crisp white carry-bag sets the tone and is amplified by a myriad of small features. For example, Bean There shows their social responsibility with one simple line, visible at the bottom of your carry bag; “return this bag to Bean There and get a R5 discount on your next coffee purchase”. What a clever way to recycle and promote sustainability! Bean There employs the method of direct fair trade – where they have already established partnerships with coffee farmers. They operate solely in Africa and focus on single-origin coffee; a sure-fire sign that their coffee is undoubtedly of the highest quality.

Bean There Coffee Company D.R. Congo Coffee Beans

The D.R. Congo single-origin coffee bean holds some amazing qualities; it’s recommended that the best way to fully appreciate the coffee is to take in every sensory attribute from the moment you grind your beans, until the moment you savour your first sip. To release the true flavour of the coffee, avoid adding milk and sugar. These specific beans are roasted to a medium-level and boast a rich plum aroma and overall fruity flavour. It bears a crisp acidity as well.

African Coffee

Bean There uses only African-sourced coffee beans of single origin through means of direct fair trade. Some may argue there is no such thing, but Bean There has disproved that theory. The beans are responsibly sourced from Ethiopia, D.R Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya. Further to their detailed selection of only the finest coffee beans, they also feature “roast to order” for your convenience. Each bean type has it’s own unique roast level – so if you enjoy a particular blend and perhaps want a different roast level – they make this as easy as pie.

Focus on Sustainability

Bean There lists their stand out feature as being their commitment to sustainable and fair-practice farming, ensuring sufficient measure are put into place to avoid the exploitation of farmers or resellers.

Coffee Preparation

As we know, each coffee has it’s own optimal brewing method. While Bean There display their optimal brewing methods on their packet – we thought we’d share these tips with you:

When using an Espresso machine – grind to the finest level and add to the porta-filter immediately and allow brewing to commence. For use in a filter coffee machine, first soak your paper filter in warm water for a few minutes before adding it to the filter basket. Grind your beans to a medium level and allow it to brew. In a French Press, first add boiling water to the jug to allow it to heat up. Once the glass is sufficiently hot, pour out the water and add you ground beans. Fill the jug up again with hot water and allow it to brew for a few minutes. Deploy the plunger gently and drink immediately.

If you’d like to read up more on Bean There’s history and associated info – head on over to their website and check it out.

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