Which Coffee Beans To Try in 2020

Which Coffee Beans To Try in 2020

A good bean can make a world of difference to your coffee drinking experience, so finding the right ones to try this year should be prioritised whether you’re drinking at home, work or in a social setting. Let 2020 be a year of experimentation, as you get closer to your inner barista and hone in on your skills in a bid to make some delicious cups of coffee. First things first: what actually makes a coffee bean taste good? Once we know this, we’ll dive into some of the best coffee beans for you to try in South Africa this year. 

What Makes a Coffee Bean Good?

Coffee beans are typically best grown at high altitudes, which helps to ensure that they don’t grow too quickly, and also don’t overheat in the process. The slower they grow, especially at the correct temperature, the more likely they’ll be able to withstand fluctuating temperatures during the course of the cultivating process. When it comes to producing a good coffee bean, it requires an amalgamation of the correct circumstances, care and a little bit of luck. Countries like Brazil are known for producing incredible beans, as their producers are able to cultivate two, or all three of these ingredients throughout most of the year. 

To Try #1: Truth Coffee Resurrection Blend

The Truth Coffee Resurrection Blend is the first coffee bean that should be on your list to try this year. This top selling blend is one of Truth Coffee’s most famous beans, known mostly for its sweet, nutty flavour that has a magical ability to cut through milk. Best served as an espresso, you may even get a hint of caramel in the taste when you first experience this. The Resurrection Blend is available for R499.00 per kg via Yuppiechef. 

To Try #2: Rosetta Roastery’s Ethiopia Sasaba Natural

Rosetta Roastery’s Ethiopia Sasaba Natural is a tremendously well cultivated coffee bean. Sasaba is deliciously sweet, dare we say almost syrupy. Using this bean in your next blend, you should be tasting sweetness coupled with frutiness, perhaps even getting a hint of peach in some cups. Reviewers have referenced berries as well. Well balanced and with crisp tones, this bean is one to keep restocking no matter what time of year it is. That is, if you can avoid buying some of the others from Rosetta Roastery! The Sasaba Naturis is available for R540.00 per kg via Cape Coffee Beans.

To Try #3: Bean There Tanzania Coffee

This coffee bean embodies the spirit of adventure. Originating from a meeting between farmers on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, these beans were harvested in nutrient rich soil of the most exquisite quality. Optimally roasted in South Africa to deliver a rich taste likened to that in East Africa where the bean originates from, the Bean There Tanzania Coffee is a must-try if you’re looking to explore something completely out of the ordinary taste-wise. We won’t spoil it for you, so best you give it a go yourself. Tanzania Coffee is available for R320.00 per 1kg via Bean There.