Coffee Bean Reviews: Green Bean Coffee Company’s Rwanda Single Origin Beans

Coffee Blend Reviews: Green Bean Coffee Company’s Rwanda Single Origin Beans

Green Bean Coffee Company prides themselves on being one of the best African Coffee Roasteries around. Sourcing only the world’s best (top 10%) Arabica coffee beans, traceable back to their point of origin, these direct-trade beans are sustainably and ethically sourced. That’s not even the most remarkable part of what Green Bean does.

Coffee Roasted to Order

Green Bean understands that coffee freshness directly translates into the quality of the coffee we drink. How does it work? Green Bean does roast-to-order packages for both companies as well as individuals. A company may approach Green Bean and formulate a specific blend, roast level and bean origin and choose them as a their supplier to provide the tailored blend. As an individual, if you have taken a liking to a particular blend of theirs, you can place a custom roast order; select your beans, phone through your order and have it delivered to your doorstep in 36 hours. This is likely some of the freshest coffee you will have the pleasure of experiencing in your life, not only because it is freshly roasted, but because it comprises of some of the world’s best Arabica. Don’t believe me? This magical bean is rated 90/100 on the global Coffee Connoisseurs rating.

Best Coffee Beans: Growing Conditions

It’s important to factor in how and when your coffee beans were grown. Green Bean African Coffee Roastery sources coffee beans grown in volcanic-like soils which are rich in mineral content, meaning there is no need for chemical additives and that their coffee is in fact organic. The beans are grown in a climate of between 15-25 degrees Celsius – meaning they are not unnecessarily exposed to the sun / direct heat or extremely cold temperatures. All these factors tie in to allow the coffee beans to grow slowly, in rich soil and out of harms way – to produce the best possible quality coffee bean. Only the ripest beans are picked (by hand) in rotational cycles, avoiding the possibility of under-ripe or defective beans making their way into the roaster.

Coffee Bean Roast Levels

Arabica coffee beans naturally contain a lower amount of caffeine than their Robusta counterparts. Did you know that caffeine is actually a defence mechanism for coffee plants? It repels bugs and disease. So, with a bean that is already strategically grown is comfortable, clean environments will not need to produce the amount of caffeine as a bean grown out in the open. A reduction in caffeine content correlates directly with the bitter taste of coffee; the lower the caffeine, the less bitter the coffee.

Fresh Bean Coffee: Preparation

When so much diligence and hard work has been put into sourcing only the best beans, roasting them to order and having it delivered – you would be committing a crime if you did not brew this coffee properly. The recommended brewing method is to use an automatic bean-to-cup machine. Coffee machines of this type have adjustable coffee grind settings, which we know can be the one tip to the best coffee you’ve had. The coffee will be ground, tamped and extracted with a great crema. See, Green Bean’s Arabica coffee beans have a good amount of oil contained inside; let me explain why this is important. The more oil a coffee bean presents on the surface of the bean means it has been over-roasted. You can almost see a glistening residue inside the packet; this is going to (almost certainly) give you a bitter tasting cup of coffee. However, Green Bean takes care to roast their coffee beans to just the right level of light-medium and medium-dark. They remove the beans either just after the first crack, or slightly before the second crack. This allows for a good amount of oil to remain INSIDE the coffee bean – where it needs to be. During extraction from an automatic coffee machine, the oil contained inside is what provides that thick, rich crema.

Coffee Beans: Who Is This Good For?

If you are a true, honest coffee lover, this might be an amazing experience for you. You could request a custom roast level of only your favourite blends – and to me – that is the highest level of quality coffee you can get. Not because of the way they;’re grown, harvested, sold, roasted or brewed. No. Rather because it’s what YOU would enjoy – which is what we’re all about.   If you enjoy lighter or customised roasts, fresh coffee and less of a strong / bitter taste experience, check our Green Bean African Coffee Roasteries offerings 🙂

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