What Coffee Can I Use in My Coffee Machine? A Quick Q & A

What Coffee Can I Use in My Coffee Machine? A Quick Q&A

It’s been proven, time and time again, that a seller will always try sell you their equipment and then keep you coming back to buy their product. Return marketing tactics at their finest. Let’s test this theory; have you ever heard “Beware cheap imitations”? Yes? Then you’ve been a target market for this type of rerun customer base. Let’s be real though. Sometimes you can buy an extraordinary product, but be left a little disappointed with the same suppliers consumables. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. When it comes coffee machines, we’d like to clarify some misconceptions when it comes to your consumables. We have taken the three biggest myths associated to equipment needing brand-specific product.

Q: Are Other Coffee Beans too hard? Will they break my machine?

hard coffee beans


Straight off the bat this is complete, total and utter nonsense. If coffee beans could be manufactured in varying hardness levels, I’m sure we would know about it. Coffee beans are coffee beans and may vary (within the same brand, same batch and same packet) in levels of hardness and even taste. But rest assured there are no coffee beans that will “damage” your machine. We have herd stories of people being told that lower-quality coffee beans contain sticks and other particles left behind during the packaging process. Again, utter nonsense. Pfft.

Q:Will Instant Coffee from another supplier clog my Coffee Machine?

opposing coffee brands


People will say ANYTHING to sell their product, won’t they? From harvesting, to roasting and grinding coffee beans – all is equal. Instant coffee will not clog your machine if it is branded by another supplier. Your only concern related to this is when you start to add non-coffee to your machine. Often, chicory is cleverly branded as coffee, although it is nowhere remotely the same thing. Because chicory has a different chemical composition to real coffee, it reacts differently to the way coffee does and as such it WILL clog your coffee machine. So, feel free to use varied brands of real coffee, but steer clear of chicory-based coffee products.

Q: Does my Pod Coffee Machine need brand-specific pods?

coffee pods various brands


To a certain extent, this is somewhat true. This is only relevant in terms of coffee pod sizes and has nothing to do with the product within. Nespresso machines are interchangeable with an array of other brands coffee pods, but other machines require flatter and broader capsule sizes.

In summary, don’t take every bit of advice you receive at face value. Do some of your own research before being duped into buying exorbitantly high-priced branded products, just because your coffee company told you to do that.