Coffee Hot Chocolate Vending Machines

Coffee Hot Chocolate Vending Machines

Cozy blankets, fireplaces (or heaters) roaring warmth onto us, lazy Sundays and home-made soup, and of course – creamy hot chocolate. Winter was made for things like this – a few luxuries to help us through chilly nights and dark mornings. But sometimes the hassle of the work it takes to get all these things up and running seems too much of a price to pay for comfort.

While we can’t help you out with setting up your fireplace or making a hearty veggie soup – we can tell you that making hot chocolate (at work or at home) can be a whole lot easier if you want it.

Traditional hot chocolate in olden days was powdered cocoa, mixed with a saucepan of milk traditionally boiled on the stove. Modern times have introduced hot chocolate with added ingredients – like milk powder and sugar – to help eliminate the need to put in all that extra work, and allow for a cup of hot chocolate by simply adding boiling water.

Coffee Machines That Make Hot Chocolate

If you’ve grown accustomed to having your morning (afternoon and night too) cup of coffee prepared from a coffee machine, you’re also probably going to want that convenience for your hot chocolate.

Unfortunately, most Automatic (AKA Bean to Cup) coffee machines just don’t have the ability to make hot chocolate – except for one rare gem – namely the DeLonghi Prima Donna ESAM 6900M (you can check our video review right here). You can, however, override “the system” by simply frothing about 2/3 of your cup with frothed milk, and adding your hot chocolate powder to it.

With capsule machine systems, if compatible, you can simply get yourself a few capsules of hot chocolate and prepare it the same way you would any other type of capsule drink.

If you want the full guide on how to get hot chocolate from any type of coffee machine, check out our blog on it.

Types of Hot Chocolate Machines

We’ve saved the best for last! The Bravilor Solo Hot Chocolate Machine is just the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s as straight-forward as it is innovative. This single-canister hot chocolate machine is fitted to a water supply (like a large water bottle or tank); the amount of hot chocolate powder used inside is manually adjustable – so you can control how much product is sued as well as how sweet and rich your hot chocolate is. It is modern-looking and compact, and literally at the touch of a single button you can have piping hot, creamy hot chocolate dispensed straight into your favourite cup.

Hot Chocolate Machine for Sale or to Rent

Yes, it is available in South Africa! You can buy this machine for R 16 500.00 (excluding VAT) or you can rent it (along with various amounts of hot chocolate powder) for R 950.00 – which should give you about 200 cups of delicious hot chocolate per month.

Keen? or leave a comment below and we’ll have an agent contact you to organise a trial.


Yep, you can try before you buy 🙂 (or rent).