Coffee Machine Battle: Russell Hobbs vs. Jura

With more families opting to buy or rent coffee machines in the wake of work from home regulations brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to do some research to ensure that you’re not only buying from a reputable brand, but that the machine you’re looking at is the most practical solution based on your individual needs. Russel Hobbs and Jura are two renowned coffee brands that should be high on the list for anyone looking to get their hands on a new machine, but which of the brands is best tailored for home spaces that have recently become office environments? 

Russell Hobbs Coffee Machine Range

Russell Hobbs is not only a household name in the market, but it genuinely offers a range of coffee machines designed to suit a variety of needs. Their coffee machines may look somewhat on the simplistic side, but their true value lies in the quality of each of the machines in their range. From the “brew and go” machine to the Buckingham and Luna ranges, the company continues to push boundaries with innovative designs created to maximise even the smallest of spaces. One important consideration to make before buying a Russell Hobbs machine is that they are typically priced on the medium to higher end of the market spectrum. Does this make them less accessible in economically challenging times? Absolutely. Do their extensive warranties make up for this? Without a doubt.

The Jura Alternative 

Jura may form part of a large conglomerate, but surprisingly their machines give off somewhat of a personal touch across their range of options available. And when we say range of options, we mean range of options. Whether you’re looking for a simple solution or a more complex automatic coffee maker, they’ve got you covered. The new GIGA and Z lines are pristinely manufactured and come with a selection of bells and whistles to give you the same amount of options that you might have had if your original office space had a fancy coffee maker that all employees could use. Jura rhymes with “dura” for good reason. The company offers some of the most durable machines in the industry, and at affordable pricing, there is no wonder that they are a trusted home coffee machine brand known across the world.

Choosing a Brand Based on Needs vs. Reputation

When it comes to deciding between these two brands, the bigger question to ask yourself is whether you’re choosing a machine based on your individual needs, or if reputation is playing a factor in the decision. Both brands are reputable offerings, with Russell Hobbs perhaps offering more “clout” of sorts among the general consumer population. It helps to focus on your individual needs first before choosing a coffee machine, especially if you’re tempted to buy or rent a machine based on the popularity of the brand alone. There are incredible product options between Jura and Russell Hobbs, and ultimately the decision of who to go with comes down to which company offers a machine that ticks at least a couple of boxes for you and your family. 

Getting Extra Advice Before Buying a New Coffee Machine

Whether you’ve got your eye on a Russell Hobbs or Jura coffee machine or if you’re simply starting out on your search, getting advice from an expert can be a great way to ensure that you’re making the right call. Companies like Aquaspresso are renowned for helping to pair up individuals and businesses with coffee machines, and their team should also be able to give you a heads up about new models entering into the market in the coming months. You may even end up getting a better deal than you imagined possible in the process. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying an “office quality” cup of coffee from the comfort of your own home, as we ride out the COVID-19 storm together into 2021.