Coffee Machine Considerations – 5 Simple Steps To Choosing Your Best Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine Considerations – 5 Simple Steps To Choosing Your Best Coffee Machine

We’ve written a couple of guides to help you navigate the decision of choosing a coffee machine, for whichever space you’re in.
1) The Ultimate Buyers Guide for Coffee Machines In Every Space
2) How To Choose A Coffee Machine Supplier
3) Is It Better To Rent or Buy?

But, what if we told you we could help streamline your decision process into an eloquently simple and fun way of funnelling your decision?

Coffee Machines – “The 5 P’s”

It will always help to do quantified research before purchasing or renting your coffee machine – but once you’re familiar with what you’re going to need to do – and you’re really looking around for suppliers etc. – consider following our simply “5 P’s” rule:

1) Price – finalise the budget for the coffee machine which you can comfortably afford. This includes deciding if you will be renting or purchasing – as those financing options can have different impacts on the price you pay monthly.

2) People – how many people will use the coffee machine? This will be your basis to determine what TYPE of coffee machine you should gravitate towards. The higher the amount of people, the bigger your machine, or the cheaper the products you should consider.

3) Place – where is this machine going to be used? In an office environment? Reception area’s – where you machine should be as easy to use as a telephone, or in your home – where space and aesthetic will need to be considered?

4) Purpose – what is the main purpose of you investing in a coffee machine solution? Is it to impress, to save money or make life a little easier? This will further help you decide on the coffee machine that will be your best fit.

5) Product as we explained in this video – it’s typical to see the trend that when your coffee machine itself costs more, you will likely pay less for the product – and vice versa.

While this 5-step process will undoubtedly benefit you and fast-track your choices, I’d always suggest narrowing your options down to at least three viable choices.

From there, weigh up as many pro’s and con’s and see which of those you’re willing to accept – and which you aren’t.

Always, always try have your coffee machine sent to you for a trial period (if you are renting) so that you get a feel for the machine.

It’s all fair and well that the machine meets each of the criteria, looks great and seems like the perfect solution – but until that machine is safely in your hands and you can physically test it out – there’s no sure-fire way of guaranteeing it is ACTUALLY the right fit for you.

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