Coffee Machine Hire: 5 steps to follow to choose the right coffee machine

The internet is great! Google (or bing and yahoo- if you are old school) makes finding information so easy! But what do you do when you are faced with so much information that you don’t know where to start? This is often the experience many people face when they look into hiring a coffee machine for their office or business. We hope this guide to Coffee Machine Hire, makes your life that much easier!

Number of people in your company

Always Start with the number of people in your office. Coffee Machine Solutions usually work in an inverse manner – Meaning usually the more expensive the machine, the lower the price of the coffee. Capsule coffee machines are great in terms of the price of the machine but the coffee is 3 to 4 times more expensive per cup than a bean to cup machine. Our general guidelines are as follows:

  • 0-4 people – Capsule Coffee Machine
  • 5-15 people – Super Automatic Machine
  • 20+ – Coffee Vending Machine: Bean or Instant depending on your budget

Creamer Sucks

No doubt about this one. Coffee machines are separated into 2 main categories. Fresh milk and powder milk machines. Powder and Fresh milk are not so different as long as the powder milk is actually powder milk. If the machine uses creamer than say to the salesman “nice to meet you” and get straight back on the internet or read this guide again to find a company  that puts real product in their machine.

Whats your budget?

I always like to start with this one before you are encouraged to deviate from the price you have in mind when you hear the words “Frappuccino and Moccha Choco Latte” The more you pay the more you get but ask yourself first what exactly you need before you splurge on the fancy extras.

What will it cost me?

Coffee machine companies are notorious for making their prices as confusing as possible. You can get coffee machine “A” which costs R100,000 for free as long as you buy 5000 cups per month at R20 per cup including weekend and public holidays. These types of pricing structures actually exist! Try if possible to find out exactly what you are going to pay before you get lumped with a crazy bill.

The machine is great, your service is great but your coffee sucks

Often when looking to hire a coffee machine people neglect the most important thing “What does the coffee taste like?” Try to ensure that you can either try the machine before you buy /rent it or if not that at least you can get out of a contract in a short amount of time (not 3 years) if in the event you don’t like the coffee.