Coffee Machine Pricing: How to Determine the Real Cost of Coffee Machines

Coffee Machine Pricing: How to Determine the Real Price of Coffee Machines and read between the li(n)es

Well done, you! You’re smart and educated enough to know that any kind of purchase, especially one of this nature, takes some research – and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty getting that research done. However, seeing as readily-available pricing on coffee machines is a relatively new concept, there may be a few bigger things you may be overlooking. This is in no way your fault – and I’d like to raise a few issues for your consideration before you make another move, purchase a costly machine or possibly tie yourself into a fixed term rental (if you haven’t yet decided whether renting or outright purchase is better for you – head on over to Coffee Machines: Renting VS Buying and weigh up your options). I will be taking you through some easily overlooked issues and make sure that you are reading between the li(n)es.

Home Coffee Machine vs Office Coffee Machine? Which is Best for Your Needs? home vs office coffee machine

As humans, we instinctively want the best, for the least amount of money. And I’m right there with you, forever bargain-hunting and looking for the cheapest option I can get my hands on. But, sometimes, cheaper really is cheap. That half-off curling-iron breaks two weeks after buying it, or you find that it really serves no purpose and you bought it out of desperation and / or impulsiveness. Don’t let this be the case with your coffee machine. First to consider is purpose area. Home use varies vastly from office and other areas, in terms of product, output ability as well as maintenance and of course, lastly, cost. Let this be your first consideration, and from there we can walk through your best options together.

Home Coffee Machines: How To Decide if this is your best fit home coffee machine

Most companies cater for Business Oriented Coffee Solutions, obviously,  because this is a much larger market to tap into and everyone wants success some day, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, or fortunately for some, the open market is flooded with home coffee machines. You can pick up a Nespresso from almost any major retailer, or a filter coffee machine for usually less than R500.00, but what are you getting? Does it come with a warranty, guarantee, included product or after sales service? Rarely. Here you will need to consider the cost of your product: Capsules can cost considerably more than regular coffee beans, but if you are looking to service a small area like your home – then yes I would suggest you consider this. Because of the nature of the capsule coffee machines, it may be hard to come by a company willing to rent one out, because of the low pricing on the machine and higher pricing on the consumables (your capsules). Outright purchase may be your best bet if you choose this variant.

Office Coffee Machines: How To Determine if this is Your Best Option office coffee machine

Okay, granted, I haven’t been in the Coffee industry for that many years, but the people I work with have, and they have taught me more than I ever imagined would be possible. Also, working in a coffee company has opened my eyes to the efficiency of a bean-to-cup machine and the benefits available from a vending machine. The benefits and suitability of these machines is far too vast to explain in a bite-sized segment, so for more information on this – have a look through a quick comparison of Coffee Capsule Machines VS Coffee Bean Machines. If you don’t believe us, they guys over at Price Check have done their homework, too.

How To Decipher Hidden Coffee Machine Costs hidden coffee machine costs

The Nitty-Gritty-Stuff-You-Wished-Someone-Had-Told-You-About-Coffee-Machines:

Okay, safe to say nobody is going to #hashtag that. But it’s how I feel about people who are lead blindly into purchasing machines or even renting them on terms they are not aware of until it’s too late! My top 5 gripes and educational summary herewith:

1) What is included and what is excluded from my coffee machine rental pricing? included and excluded coffee machine costs

Some companies offer outright purchase and a one-year warranty, others include monthly machine servicing, other include company-produced product to subsidise your rental. Ask your representative of customer care agent to explain to you EXACTLY what you inclusions and exclusions are, and choose the best option to suit YOUR needs, not what the sales agent is trying to sell to you!

2) What is a minimum order and how does it affect my coffee machine pricing? coffee minimum order

Oooh, this makes my skin crawl. “Hey, Jude, thanks for renting our machine for ONE BILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH. Remember you ticked that little box that said “I hereby accept the terms and conditions”? Did you read that -000.1 size font that said you HAVE to buy one hundred boxes of coffee beans from us each and every month until the end of time? Oh, too bad, it is what it is”. Sadly, this is a reality, so check your fine print and make sure you’re not getting tied down to purchasing more product than you can (safely) consume.

3) What space requirements should I consider for my coffee machine? coffee machine space requirements

I must admit, on a guided tour of all some well known coffee machines, I only realised about halfway through on how oblivious people are to the water requirements of coffee machines. Yes, sure, they need a water source, but I, for one, had never actually considered how this worked! In a capsule machine, you have a contained water canister, which is beautiful and lovely and doesn’t take up space. On some of your other office machines, whether they are vending or bean-to-cup coffee solutions, sometimes require a plumbed-in water source or an external canister of water. This may be unsightly if you are looking to place said coffee machine in a reception area or waiting area. This may be a useful read if you need to look at these requirements: Best Coffee Machines for a Reception Area and Office Coffee Machine Selection Advice .

4) What are my Coffee Machine Maintenance Requirements? coffee machine maintenance

I’m quite sure you even want to skim over this piece because it is such a daunting topic. Nobody likes to clean, let a alone a sticky coffee mess. But unfortunately, it’s a necessity; it keeps your coffee machine running, allows it to produce great-tasting coffee and extends the life span on your machine. Each machine varies greatly in the “how’s” of cleaning the machines, but as a rule of thumb, you will get three stages of cleaning: Daily cleaning – involves removing any water canisters and pipes and doing a quick flush of any interchangeable, to avoid build-up and remove the oily residue produced by the coffee.

Then comes weekly cleaning – a little bit more effort but it is cleaning the same basic parts, but maybe with a bit of dishwashing detergent to get rid of the stubborn residues etc. Monthly cleaning would involve removing all parts and doing a deep clean of the machine. I would suggest having a technician explain, and perhaps even do a quick demonstration for you, to make sure you understand how to do this properly. Definitely consider this before making a permanent decision.

5) Fixed-Term Coffee Machine Pricing and Mandatory Increases – how-to determine its effect on my Coffee Machine Pricing. coffee machine mandatory price increases

So you’ve agreed to pay R 500.00 per month for your small office-based company, you are happy with the service offering to buy your product from the company and thus have your rental subsidised. But did you notic4 that there is an annual mandatory increase of 10% for each of your machines? IF this makes you uncomfortable, then simply don’t do it. Not every company is able to cater for your exact needs, and that’s the kind of awareness we aim to achieve with information of this kind.

In short, do your research, make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, for how long and IF this is really what you want or need. Ask questions, get the answers and make sure you know every nook and cranny of the machine you end up choosing.  This may be more of a life lesson than a coffee machine lesson, but either way, never rush things; especially not a cup of coffee.

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