Who Shouldn’t Rent a Coffee Machine from Aquaspresso?

When You Shouldn’t Rent a Coffee Machine from Us (Aquaspresso)

Yes, we know it is an odd headline, but I will try to explain J. We provide a whole host of coffee machine rental options and although we would like to provide solutions for as many people and companies as possible, the simple fact is, that we are not the right choice for everyone.

When renting a coffee machine from any coffee company in South Africa you have two options:

Standard Coffee Machine Rental Option Offered by All South African Coffee Companies:

The standard rental practice in South Africa is to rent a coffee machine on a lease type structure. You sign a 36 month lease through a third party (usually an asset finance house like Sasfin) which essentially means you pay a fixed monthly fee for your machine over a period of 36 months at an interest rate of around 18%. A R30,000 coffee machine will then cost around R833 per month with an interest amount added of R150 per month (monthly rental is then R983 per month) meaning over the life of the machine you would have paid R35,400 neglecting any annual escalation fees.

At the end of this period you can then often take over the machine for a small fee. The coffee company offering you this lease agreement will then charge usually a small additional maintenance fee of R300 per month to cover all servicing on your machine.

Aquaspresso Coffee Machine Rental Plans:

The other rental option which we created is to rent a coffee machine on a package deal. A package deal means that your coffee machine monthly rental charges will be low (and sometimes free) due to the fact that you would be spending a certain amount of money on coffee with us every month. We would then use your spend on your coffee usage to subsidize the coffee machine for you.

The same R30,000 machine would then cost you around R500 per month on a 1 year rental including a maintenance plan.

So when is our option not the best option for you? Although at face value our rental plan might seem like the obvious choice, if any of the following is applicable to you then we are most likely NOT your best option when it comes to renting a coffee machine:

  • If you don’t like our coffee
  • If you can’t go through the required amount of coffee on a monthly basis
  • If ongoing maintenance is not a big deal for you and you would prefer to own your machine in its latter years.

So how do you know if any of the above will apply to you and if we are the right or wrong option for you?

We try to ascertain if we will be a correct fit for each with our introductory trial period. The intention of the trial period is:

  • For you to test our coffee to see if you like it
  • To test the machine to see if it is the right machine for you
  • To see if you like our service
  • To see how much coffee you would likely consume on a monthly basis so you know what package to be on and if we have a plan to suit your needs.

We often use a BMW analogy when explaining our rental plans to customers:

We essentially offer a brand new BMW at R500 per month as long as you fill up at an Engen garage (our coffee in this case) and you use R100 worth of petrol per month (a predetermined amount of coffee -10 cups per day for example)

If you don’t like Engen petrol and if you can’t use R100 worth of petrol every month then we probably aren’t a good fit. If however you love Engen petrol and spend R100 on petrol every month then we might be a good match.

Coffee is a lot about preference and therefore we always encourage our customers to start with a trial first to make sure they are happy with what they are getting before committing.

If you want to start with your trial to see if we would be the right fit for you please complete the form below and a consultant will get back to you quicker than you can say WOW!