De’Longhi Prima Donna ESAM6620 – Coffee Machine Review

De’Longhi Prima Donna ESAM6620

Considering we are coffee lovers here at Aquaspresso and we love multiple cups of good italian coffee twice a day, at least, we review the De’Longhi Prima Donna ESAM6620 coffee machine.

The coffee machine includes a convenient milk frothing which you can use on a daily basis and can prepare everything, even if it does need a bit of cleaning. The beauty of this coffee machine lies in the fact that you can get your coffee the way you like it, without spending 15 minutes minimum to make it.

The coffee machine makes great tasting espresso drinks and we like that it’s modular in a way. If something goes awry with the process, you have the ability to recover by simply changing a component and then of course, it’s also very easy to clean. The stainless steel construction looks great in any living room to show your friends or  in the office to flaunt it for your customers.

The auto frothing system produces great milk froth and the milk carafe is very easy to clean by simply pulling out all the relevant elements.

Missing Features:

  • Multiple memory combos of coffee and milk quantities, strength, etc.
  • Cancel button to cancel coffee when water levels are too low.
  • Check for all input levels like milk, water, etc. prior to coffee preparation
  • excellent frothing.
  • excellent auto clean cycles. easy to clean, particularly the infuser. as such i can clean it more r less inside out.
  • large water and milk tanks
  • good coffee, albeit a little watery at moderate grind levels.
  • plastic drip tray so it won’t get rusted
  • at very fine grind levels, i received an error on more than one occassion, that i need to increase coarseness. lost a lot of water and coffee this way.
  • coffee tends to spill out of the drip tray and grounds container. still easy to clean but i question the design.
  • you cannot modify only the milk or only the coffee quantity in programming mode.
  • can only make one cup at a time using pre-ground coffee.
  • cannot adjust strength using pre-ground coffee.
  • machine does not detect low water or beans quantity prior to actually starting the preparation process. if you are low on beans, it will make the milk and leave you stranded. you then need to refill and add the espresso using the manual buttons.
  • can’t use very tall cups.

Prices,specs and rental terms were acquired at the time of the writing of this posted and can vary from company to company. Each supplier or DeLonghi operator reserves the right to vary prices, terms and conditions to his/her own discretion. DeLonghi is not a brand of Aquaspresso or affiliated to Aquaspresso in any way.