Jura XS9 VS Coffee Vending Machines (Bean and Instant) – Coffee Machine Review

Jura XS9 VS Coffee Vending Machines (Bean and Instant) – Coffee Machine Review

Today we are thinking outside the box – we are not comparing apples with apples, but rather apples with oranges. Or mangoes. Or whatever tickles your fancy to be quite frank! We are going to weigh up your options below, based both on merit as well as downfalls of the Jura XS9 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine against two very popular vending machines – Bean Vending and Instant Vending. Let the battle begin!


Jura XS9: Who, what and why? jura xs9 coffee machine

We have reviewed the Jura XS9 many times, and having one present in the office doesn’t hurt the learning process much, either. In summary, the Jura XS9 is a Bean-to-Cup machine with fresh milk input. It has an internal canister with a holding capacity of 6litres and is overall an excellent Coffee Machine. Who is it for? Medium or large offices with no concern in terms of fresh milk or sugar requirements, for coffee lovers who appreciate a fresh Bean-to-Cup brew of coffee and an environment where refilling product and water tanks regularly is not an issue. It is not overly bulky nor too small. Costing should be considered as these machines are not by any stretch of the imagination a cheap purchase. Bad idea if you are looking at this machine for your home or small office, and if a cup of instant coffee is enough to satisfy your caffeine needs.


Coffee Vending Machines: Bean Vending bean vending coffee mahcine

Vending machines also have various product input requirements as well as capabilities and limitations. Bean Vending Machines are your upper-echelon vending machine options. Why? Well, Bean Vending Coffee Machines combine the ease of use one would normally get from a vending machine, with the exceptional quality only derivable from fresh coffee beans. The limitations on this type of machine lie in that the bulkiness of the bean cannister stored inside the machine, you are limited to only three cannisters in total (coffee beans, powdered milk and hot chocolate). Sugar will need to be supplied outside of the machine, but if you are looking for a hybrid of ease-of-use and quality coffee / speciality coffee, then look through your Bean Vending machine options. Terrible idea for home use. Unless you’re the average Rockefeller!


Coffee Vending Machines: Instant Vending instant vending coffee mahcine

By far your most cost-effective, product-control effective and easy to use vending machine. Ideal for welcoming area’s, large offices, car dealerships, canteens and basically anywhere you want to supply your guests with their favourite hot beverage – without costing you an arm and a leg. Your options are varied in that the machine holds four internal cannisters – instant coffee, vending sugar, powdered milk and hot chocolate. Yes, you may loose the absolute quality provided by bean coffee, but this is a far more efficient option if coffee quality falls to second place on your list of priorities.


Bean-to-Cup VS Vending: Who actually wins?

everyone wins




Ever watched an episode of Oprah where literally everyone in the audience wins something? This play-off is something like that. Both types of vending machines as well as the bean-to-cup options are outright winners. I’m quite certain that from these three lovely machines you could choose an option for your office that can meet all your requirements.