Coffee Machines for Car Dealerships

Coffee Machines for Car Dealerships

I love taking my car for a service – let me rephrase before you stop reading –my palate and the coffee machine at my car dealership have a love affair.
Long gone are the days of your car dealership filled with the waft of the scents of leather (if you are in the lucky bracket and your car is factory fitted) and rubber. There is a different aroma – Coffee.
These days, any car dealership worth its while, will have a swanky waiting room that exudes a flavour that could be likened to an Italian Espresso bar. In this day and age, with our coffee loving (addicted) nation, you will be hard pressed to find a car dealership without a state of the art coffee machine – be it a coffee vending machine or automatic bean to cup machine.

There are a couple reasons, behind this;

Car dealerships sell cars. Car dealerships service cars.

Whether it’s dropping your car off for a service, browsing the new car section or waiting for a lift, generally unless you are in an insanely efficient dealership you have a bit of time to pass. I ask you what the world’s favourite pastime is – drinking coffee; sure some people might argue its drinking beer or wine, but there might be a slight legal issue, serving said beverages at a car dealership.

Another of the reasons, a car dealership wants to make your experience at pleasant as possible – more sales, more repeat business etc …… basically business 101.
There was a study conducted which stated the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is the second most pleasurable, the first being baking bread, so unless you can set up a bakery in your waiting room the next best thing would be a gourmet coffee machine.

I am a strong believer that the quality of the cappuccino is in direct proportion to the quality of the dealership.
If I would recommend a coffee maker for a car dealership opposed to something manual. I would suggest a super automatic espresso machine or a vending coffee machine. It should be user-friendly for the customers and durable. There are various models available that require very little cleaning and topping up of ingredients, a must if you are planning to actually sell cars, and not work in a coffee bar.

You are in the car business, not the barista business. I would suggest hooking up with a coffee company, who could arrange the entire solution for you, including some sort of maintenance plan.
You wouldn’t buy a car without a motor-plan so don’t do the same with a coffee machine.

Obviously with any business there are overheads and budget constraints, if you are currently running a business without any my number is 555 2424, I want to come work there.
Many a dealer principal might consider a super automatic coffee machine an unnecessary luxury, but in the cutthroat car dealership business, any perceivable extra service which can secure a deal, or ensure customer satisfaction and retention is a necessity.

Now as I logoff of my car dealerships free Wi-Fi, and sip down the last of the delicious complimentary cappuccino; I am planning a bit of round about route home, I need to rack up a few miles to be back for this delicious cup of Java.