Coffee Machines for Training Centres: What’s the Best Option?

Coffee Machines for Training Centres: Which Machine is Best?

We have all been there. It’s scheduled a month in advance, and you just know that full day of training is looming. It means terribly catered, stale sandwiches and some watered down juices, at best. Would you not be a thousand times more excited, and in turn productive, if you knew that going to training involved some real perks? (See what I did there?) Coffee Machines for training centres can provide more than just a solution for thirsty and tired guests. Let’s chat.

Economical and User-Friendly Coffee Machines:economical

Having a fully-alert and captivated audience is something every public speaker and tutor who is worth their salt dreams of. The best part is, your working input is literally zero. Plug and play, baby! Filter coffee machines are your best bet if you are having a small to medium sized conference or training session, considering it produces 2- 12 cups per pot. Also, what’s better than being greeted with a warm, welcoming smile first thing in the morning? The smell of freshly percolated coffee!

Fancy State of the Art Training Coffee Machines:state

So. You’re not a coffee person. I work with coffee all day, every day, yet when I wake up I go straight for my trusty old cup of tea. And there is nothing wrong with that! Same goes for lovers of hot chocolate, cappuccino’s, mochaccino’s, whatever-you-like-achino’s. If this speaks to you, you’re probably best off going for an all-inclusive vending machine. It contains hot chocolate, coffee, milk and sugar. Be careful and take into account that this is probably better suited to you if you’re catering to a larger group, otherwise your budget and accounts department might not be too happy with the extra costs associated.

The Best of the Best Training Coffee Machines:best of the best

See what I did there again? You are very fortunate to be in a position where you have high numbers of attendee’s for your event, you may run a hotel and hold training at the drop of a hat, and sometimes your guests include high-profile speakers or celebrities even. Want to impress them? Go for the Automatic Bean-To-Cup coffee machine. It is quite space consuming and costly, so I would suggest only considering this if you are in a large corporation where you need to satisfy many needs at once. Did I mention it makes freshly-ground, fresh-milk cappuccino?

What now?

Just remember that the right choice differs from person to person, company to company and event to event. Filter coffee machines are best for smaller groups and the cost-conscious. Vending machines offer good variety, are a bit more costly but help to cater to varied needs. The automatic bean-to-cup machines are high-end, make an impression on people, but also on your wallet. Whatever you decide, as long as you are happy –we are happy.