Coffee Plungers vs. Coffee Machines: The Best Option

So you’re starting to become a coffee aficionado. The pandemic might have spurred this on, especially because all of us had to spend so much time at home for an extended period. Although life is slowly starting to return to a semblance of normalcy, your newly acquired love for coffee might lead you down a bit of a rabbithole in the coming months. Perhaps you’re on the hunt for another option at home, and are considering a coffee plunger (French press) or a new coffee machine for the kitchen. In that case, it’s good to know the pros and cons of each, in order to decide on the best option based on your situation. 

Coffee Plungers

Coffee plungers are slightly more sophisticated than some of the other “pour over” coffee options. If you consider that it can make an incredible cup of coffee from freshly ground beans in a short space of time, you may consider it a relatively inexpensive investment as well. You’ll be able to experiment with different grain amounts, water temperatures and more for consistently good coffee. The good news is that it’s relatively uncomplicated to learn how to use a French press. On the negative side, you still need your kettle for boiling water, and it does take some precision when it comes to extracting the flavours you’re after. On tired mornings, you may over extract the beans, leading to an awful taste that you won’t soon forget. 

Coffee brew made from a coffee plunger.

Coffee Machines

Coffee machines, on the other hand, come with pre-set settings, making it a lot more unlikely that you’ll end up with an unsavory tasting brew. The “set it and forget it” attitude can be most useful when you’re having a hectic week. These days, there are many different coffee machines on the market, which can be useful when working with a limited budget. Keep in mind that the more expensive machines tend to be able to offer a wider variety of different hot drinks. This can be handy, as even low end machines are somewhat more expensive than coffee plungers. On the negative side, coffee machines require regular maintenance, use electricity, and usually have a shelf life, even if this is as long as five to ten years. 

The Best Fit For Your Home

The better first for your home will depend on two things: your needs, and your budget. Both coffee plungers and coffee machines achieve the same end result (a delicious cup of coffee), but how you get there differs substantially based on the method you use. Think about the needs of the overall household before you make a decision. If you live alone, a French press might be useful, as you may not be making that many cups of coffee over the course of a day. A coffee machine is great for couples or larger families, as nobody has to stumble over the other in the kitchen to get their morning fix. That said, there is something to be said for making a fresh brew as a family, which also offers the opportunity for additional bonding. 

Getting Your Hands on a Coffee Solution

If you’re still in two minds or you’re ready to get your hands on a coffee machine, try Aquaspresso. With years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on the fact that we supply coffee solutions to homes and businesses alike. In times of uncertainty, like all of us have experienced since 2020, it helps to have a supplier that thinks about your needs as well. Our range of coffee machines are available to buy, or to rent, to help families and businesses with maintaining healthy cashflow until they can buy the machine. You’ll even get the chance to rent a few different machines before you make a final decision. Your aficionado status will level up in no time at all.