Coffee Queen Review

Coffee Queen Review

Sometimes, being the Queen is better than being the King. We review the Coffee Queen Concept Serving Range – and who exactly this might be a good or bad fit for.


Coffee Queen M2 / A2 coffee queen m2 a2

Commercial strength filter coffee systems don’t always look this pretty. Two heating plates ensure you have two, piping hot pots of coffee available for your caffeine fix any time throughout the day – further backed by it’s production capacity of a whopping 15 litres per hour, or roughly 12 cups in 6 minutes (let’s not make this a challenge -shall we 🙂 ) Electronic time control means that your coffee won’t burn or scorch – of leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Are you an office with a lot of people, who need a lot of coffee at a low rate? This is for you. Looking for an over-the-top machine to impress people with, for it’s looks and capability of making world class cappuccino’s? Not the best choice.


Coffee Queen Mega Gold coffee queen mega gold

A drip solution with a difference; not only does this filter coffee machine look unique and great – it can produce an earth-shattering 17 litres per hour. It has an adjustable brew amount of 4 – 17 cups – perfect for those whose coffee needs change daily. What sets this machine apart is the coffee pot. It’s not your run-of-the mill glass pot, but rather a smaller urn. This eliminates a big risk of breakage, spillage and burns. Running a training centre? Got a three hour board meeting coming up? Look no further. Looking for an impressive little capsule machine or catering for one or two people? You have plenty other options.


Coffee Queen Cater coffee queen cater

I think it’s safe to say this name is quite self-explanatory. An incredible production output of 22 litres per hour means no unnecessary running back and forth to fill the machine or make a new batch every 54 minutes. A hot water outlet allows you to cater for tea-drinkers as well as coffee drinkers – and the 5 litre internal water tank means you can keep more people happy for longer. A stylish design and full or half-brew functions mean that you don’t end up wasting product, nor under-utilising this little wonder’s full potential.

Coffee Queen Cater Twin coffee queen cater twin

Double trouble? I think not! More like double the convenience and double the smiles. Brewing at an amazing rate of 34 cups in 5 minutes – or 408 in an hour! Wonderful for reception area’s, functions and conference centre’s and generally any area with exceptionally high traffic. Coffee shops and homes would not be a good application area for either the Coffee Queen Cater or Cater Twin – it would be a waste of a high turnover machine.


Coffee Queen Single Tower coffee queen single tower

A 5 litre serving station, able to produce it’s full capacity in under 5 minutes, this unique looking and modern design can provide you with 200 cups in an hour. What sets it apart is it’s unique outlet – located rather at the side of the dispenser as opposed to a separate decanter. This sleek design also features a digital display. Great to use in high traffic area’s in image-conscious environments. Easy to use and caters for many tastes. Using this at home, a small office or service station? You could be missing a much better suited machine.


Coffee Queen Tower coffee queen tower

This is, tot he Single Tower, what the Cater Twin is to the Cater. Double the volume and output, double the machine – and double the style. I don’t know about you, but 10 litres in 7 minutes sounds almost magical to my ears. 400 cups per hour and a digital display mean you can pout a lot of smiles on a lot of faces for a long, long time. Colleges and schools with high staff complements may find this to be their ultimate coffee and tea solution.


Coffee Queen Wall Tower coffee queen wall tower

We’re just going all out now. This wall-mounted machine includes a combined 20 litre serving station – and two trolleys for those who opt not to wall mount it. If you are looking to cater for any less than (in my opinion) 200 people, you’re wasting a great coffee machine. It comprises of one central brewing station with four separate decanting units – each with a 5 litre tank. Large functions, venues and halls may want to opt for this- an exceptionally high yielding machine which can surely produce coffee at the fraction of a cost of most other machines. A not0-so-great choice for small and even medium offices or anywhere this wonder might not be used to it’s full potential.


Coffee Queen Serving Station coffee queen serving tower

An independent unit with unique features, the Serving Station features a sight gauge, tap, drip tray, warmth-conduct technology and a very interesting “display lid”. Simply slide in a picture cut to size to display your unique blend contained in this little wonder. No power connection is necessary – simply decant into the Serving Station – and – voilà!


Crem international can be proud of the end-to-end filter coffee solution it has imagined and actualised. Always a great and cost-effective solution for larger demands, the good looks of these machines can’t be ignored. Welcome to South Africa- Coffee Queen! 🙂