Coffee Sachets vs. Instant Coffee vs. Coffee Beans

It’s the age old question that plagues consumers and coffee enthusiasts alike: which type of coffee will give you the best taste with every cup? The problem is, that this can be a subjective question. People prefer to find the best possible ways to get their caffeine fix without having to compromise on their lifestyle, and better yet, their pockets. Coffee sachets, instant coffee and coffee beans are the three types on trial today, in a bid to help you answer the question of what will work best with your long-term needs as a coffee fan.

The Value of a Coffee Sachet

When talking about the value of a coffee sachet, we’re not talking about its value in nominal terms, but perhaps that is one of the aspects that do play a part in its popularity with consumers. Coffee sachets typically contain instant coffee, although they do come with added sugars and milk powder, depending on what exactly you’re buying. You’re able to get a more personalised experience than just having instant coffee, and by banking on travel friendly sachets you compliment your on-the-go lifestyle, and will be ready to have access to your favourite drink wherever you go. Fast and handy, these can get expensive depending on the brand you choose, so try out a couple first. 

The Perks of Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is known for providing everything you want (and need) in a good cup of coffee, falling short only by the fact that it doesn’t provide you with the hot water to make the drink wherever you are. Dissolving in an instant, this type of coffee might give you a quick fix, but does tend to have less of the “good stuff” your body benefits from when sipping on a hot cuppa. Potassium, for one, is reduced in instant cups relative to ground coffee alternative. Instant coffee contains lower levels of caffeine than ground coffee too, which is why many people end up having a couple of cups a day, especially as they get used to drinking more caffeine over time.

Coffee Beans and The Overall Experience

Coffee beans will always be a good place to look if you’re keen on starting a journey as a coffee aficionado or enthusiast. Ground coffee may contain up to double the amount of caffeine that instant coffee has, and while it takes a bit longer to prepare, it’s well worth the added effort. Coffee beans allow the user to make a ritual out of how they enjoy and consume coffee, often involving friends and loved ones and even promoting communication and banter while preparing a cup or two together. Coffee beans come in many different variants, so try a few options before you settle on a favourite. 

No Matter How You Like Your Coffee…

Whether you’re a fan of any (or all) of the types on the list, you can benefit from growing your network of “coffee experts”, especially if you’re looking to learn more about the art of brewing the perfect cup. Having a team of experts on speed dial (so to speak) can also help with getting advice before making a big decision like buying a coffee machine, or can just give you a sense of how the market is changing from year to year. Aquaspresso loves coffee in ways that are hard to express. Known for their growth in the industry over the last decade, the company prides itself on helping consumers get the best possible products tailored specifically to their individual needs. Here’s to many good cups ahead.