Coffee Solutions – Which solution is best for you?

A coffee solution usually refers to a service whereby one’s total coffee needs are taken care of. An office coffee solution would therefore refer to the supply of a coffee machine (usually on a rental basis but not always), delivery of all the accompanying coffee product and the maintenance and service which goes with it.

The right coffee solution for you or your business will depend on your needs and the quantity of coffee which you are likely to consume. The following coffee solutions are the most common for each environment:

  • Home coffee solutions:  A capsule coffee machine is for the most part the best solution. Capsules do have a downside however, and that is cost. Despite the cost of capsules, the quantities consumed at home are usually low enough to make this solution the winner. If you have a big family however, a bean to cup automatic solution is maybe a better bet but be ready to lay out a pretty sum when purchasing one of these guys.
  • Office coffee solutions: An office coffee solution usually means a one touch machine which is easiest for everyone to use and gives the greatest variety. If you happen to have an office of less than 5 people than a coffee vending solution will probably work out too pricey, and a filter coffee machine will likely better suit your needs.
  • Restaurant coffee solutions: For a restaurant you have to go for a bean to cup, fresh milk machine in order to give the best quality of coffee. This might come in the form of a super-automatic machine or maybe even a traditional manual machine – Both will give you that “perfect” cappuccino.

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