Coffee Vending Machine Companies in Johannesburg

Coffee Vending Machine Companies in Johannesburg

Coffee vending machines have become our most popular coffee solution for companies in Johannesburg. Our evolution of coffee machine solutions saw its way start at capsule machines, take its way through automatic machines in the form of Jura and has eventually landed up with coffee vending machines.

We believe, South Africa and Johannesburg in particular really is one of the most suited environments for coffee vending machines. Their ability to control sugar and milk usage means companies now can save serious amounts of money whilst still being able to enjoying a beautiful espresso or cappuccino.

Another useful feature of a coffee vending machine is it’s produce a finished beverage which has everything stirred and mixed in already meaning no more spoon problems (like we experienced in our company – the scarcity of spoons in our company pre-vending machines meant that spoons became as valuable as gold ; and as rare.

It’s every cleaning ladies dream to see a counter top spotless with no milk splashes and coffee stains – vending machines makes this a reality as well. We have had some companies wanting machines purely for this purpose after years of living with messy work areas.

Lastly ,and probably of most interest to companies taking on vending machines, is there ability to make everything from cappuccinos to milk coffees to chocachinos at the touch of a button. Our most popular vending machine comes with 10 options which is somewhat an overload in terms of options.

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