Coffee Vending Machine Cost : Purchase and Rental Prices

Coffee Vending Machine Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most common requests we get each day is from customers wanting to find out more information about coffee vending machines for their offices. The ONE thing which people ALWAYS ask first, and rightly so, is “what is the cost of a coffee vending machine”.  We hope we can answer that question in this post.

We personally hate browsing the web searching for a price for anything and all we find on the website is “get a quote now” or “request a meeting”. So here we lay bare all the costs of our coffee vending machines as well as the costs of pretty much all the coffee vending machines we know about in South Africa and abroad.

Firstly, a quick introduction into coffee vending machine brands, to explain coffee vending machine pricing and costs. There are 6 major coffee vending manufacturers worldwide:

  • Rhea Vendor – Italy
  • Necta (N & W Vending) – U.S.A.
  • Bianchi – China and Italy
  • Godrej – India
  • Bravilor Bonamat – Holland
  • Saeco – Italy

No company in South Africa manufactures their own vending machines. All coffee vending machines in South Africa for the most part (99% of the time) come from one of the 6 companies above. The other 1% comes from independent sources in China – You know a coffee vending machine comes from an independent Chinese source if less than a 6 month guarantee is given and prices are under R10,000

The vending machines are then often branded for the company (See below Rhea Vendor bean vending branded coffee vending machine for Aquaspresso and a Rhea Vendor instant vending machine branded for Nescafe i.e. Nescafe Milano and Nescafe Alegria)


Coffee Vending Machine Price
Aquaspresso Vending Machine



Nescafe Vending Machines
Nescafe Vending Machines

The following South African companies use the following manufacturers’ machines:

Aquaspresso – Rhea Vendor Bean Vending (Italy) and Bravilor (Holland) for Instant Vending

Nestle (Nescafe) – Rhea Vendor (Italy)

Ciro – Bianchi (China and Italy) and Necta (U.S.A)

Frontier Coffee- Bianchi (China and Italy)

Chaywa – Moved recently from Bianchi to Rhea Vendor

Coffee Unplugged – Bravilor (Holland) and Saeco (Italy)

PK Vending – Godrej (India)

Each coffee machine company at the end of the day chooses their own pricing and this changes from time to time so for this reason we have listed our pricing and costs (because we know that for 100% certainty) and have given a ballpark figure price range for the other manufacturers coffee vending machines:

Aquaspresso Bean to Cup Vending Machine Costs (to Purchase and to Rent):

Bean Coffee Vending Machine Sale cost – R26500 Ex. VAT

Bean Coffee Vending Machine discounted Rental Cost – R650 Ex. VAT

All the above pricing is for the Rhea Vendor bean vending machine

Aquaspresso Instant Vending Machine Costs (to Purchase and to Rent):

Instant Coffee Vending Machine Sale cost – R19500 Ex. VAT

Instant Coffee Vending Machine discounted Rental Cost – R450 Ex. VAT

All the above pricing is for the Bravilor Bonamat instant coffee vending machine

Other Manufacturers Purchase and Rental Costs and Pricing:

Rhea Vendor Instant – Starts at R21,000 Ex. VAT and goes up to around R40,000. Nescafe Milano’s and Nescafe Alegria machines are the only representatives of Rhea Instant Machines in South Africa and only offer a rental on their machines with prices starting from R650 per month for the Alegria and going up to R950 per month for the Milano on a 2 year contract

Necta Vending Machines – Represented by Ciro in South Africa has machines ranging from R30,000 upwards. Their rentals start at around R1500 P/M and go up to R3000 P/M.

Bianchi Vending Machines – Represented by Frontier Coffee and formally Chaywa in South Africa have prices ranging from R25,000 upwards. Frontier Coffee offers a rental on all their machines on a 3 year rental term.

Godrej Vending Machines – Godrej coffee vending machines are very new on the market in South Africa and in the rest of the world. They are made in India and are a lower cost option than their European counterparts. At this stage no pricing exists in South Africa

Saeco Coffee Machines- Saeco Vending Machines start at R30,000 upwards. Saeco are primarily known for Automatic Coffee machines but they do also have a coffee vending range

We hope this guide helped and answered all your questions. Pricing is hugely important and often the number one consideration. There are other things to watch out for when buying or renting a coffee vending machine like rental term, functionality of the machine, service and maintenance costs.

For more info about these aspects have a look at our article “The one thing more important than cost when it comes to buying/renting a coffee machine