Coin Operated Coffee Machines – Are They Really Your Best Choice?

Coin Operated Coffee Machines – Are They Really Your Best Choice?

We’ve all seen those coffee machine contraptions, sometimes in a lunch area or tuck shop. The somewhat overbearing appearance can seem a little “cold” and unwelcoming, but it sure serves it’s purpose! We discuss some reasoning behind the notion that it’s time to start moving away from coin-operated coffee vending machines, and provide you with some alternative solutions.

Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machine – What You See Is What You Get

Have you ever test-driven a Volkswagen Beetle and left the dealership with a Porsche? Probably not – and that’s the same for coin operated coffee vending machines. You get what you pay for – and there’s a stigma attached to anything into which you drop a few coins and have your purchase mechanically dispensed; it’s unwelcoming, there’s no human element – and chances are that product has been stagnating for a t least week or two, waiting for someone to come drop a coin in and let it do what it’s meant to do.

Basically, you can never expect a great cup of coffee from a coin operated machine, and you never should. Although it’s “behind lock and key” – it’s not harbouring premium product.

Coin Operated Coffee Machines South Africa – Costs More Than It’s Worth

This is aimed at those who are considering installing a coin operated coffee machine: bear in mind you initial cost and outlay for your coffee machine (this quick tutorial should summarise it well enough). This cost needs to be monitored and controlled from the outset and throughout the use of your machine.

Did you know that most coin-operation mechanisms can cost upwards of R 10 000.00? That’s nearly equivalent to your entry-level Bean-t-Cup Machines cost, and equates to roughly 8 months of a coffee vending machine rental.

You need to do your calculations and see if it really is worth the cost.

Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machines – An Unnecessary Feature

The only time we would really advocate the installation of a coin operated coffee machine is when there is no human interaction or close proximity to the area into which you will install your coffee machine.

Even if you have a receptionist nearby, it’s perfectly fine to allow the customer to perhaps pay the money over to him or her, and then be given a cup to dispense the drink for which they’ve paid into.

Eliminating the need for human interaction somewhat draws away from the enjoyable experience of having a cup of coffee.

The Major Downfall of Coin Operated Coffee Machines

If you are looking at getting a coin operated coffee machine installed in your factory to control staff usage, and want to make use of tokens (a certain amount allocated per worker, per day) – let’s stop right there. The novelty is going to wear off in a week, maximum, we almost guarantee it. The person you allocate to collect and re-distribute those tokens is going to hate you, too.

What Alternative Is There To A Coin Operated Coffee Machine?

Fear not! There is such a wide range of coffee vending machines out there that can offer you the same, if not a more superior coffee product – that does not need the coin operation device to function well.

Simply installing a lockable coffee vending machine could solve your problems.

Placement is key when it comes to control.

Some handy tips might be to use the “Cup Sale” method. Because so many coffee vending machines have a product dispense count built-in, it’s easy to pull reports from that coated data.

For example, you can sell a large cup for R15.00, a medium cup for R10.00 and a small cup for R5.00. The user will then use the cup he has bought and manually dispense the drink of his choice into his paid-for cup.

All you would need is a watchful eye, albeit from a distance, to ensure they do not dispense more than one cup.
Another cool idea might be to position the coffee machine in an area that requires and user to walk past an exit point with someone “on guard”. Basically – if there is anyone nearby, you really don’t need a coin collecting device on your coffee machine.,

In an office environment, instead of allocating staff a specific amount of token for their daily refreshments, how about using a lockable vending machine? The product will be dispensed in predetermined amounts, and access to the canisters holding the product within are safely locked away. See how to save your company money with a coffee machine solution, here. Also, your repertoire with your employees might even improve, because this method allows for them to use the machine at their discretion, without feeling they are not trusted.

There are so many ways to mitigate the need for a coin operated coffee machine that it really should not be on top of your priority list to source one.

We’d love your feedback, thought, comments and experiences on how you either enjoy, dislike or have alternative solution to a coin operated coffee machine!