Commercial Coffee Machine Battle: Wega vs. Jura

If you’re considering becoming a first time coffee machine owner for a new business, or if it’s simply time to replace an old machine you’ve been banking on for years as part of the services you offer, knowing where to look and which brands to consider can make the process all the more easy to begin with. Wega and Jura are two prominent coffee machine brands on the market today, and if you’ve done some research already they may form part of your shortlist even before looking at particular models within their respective ranges. We’ll take a look at both ranges today, in order to help you get closer to which may be the best option for you, with a leaning towards the commercial market and the options available to businesses looking to make coffee as part of their product and service offering. 

Considering a Wega Coffee Machine

Wega’s coffee machines are available in more than 130 countries around the world, spread across five continents. This makes them a powerhouse in the global market, and may also help to put you at ease about sourcing replacement parts should a situation arise where the machine starts to malfunction or give problems. Wega’s range of machines are predominantly tailored to commercial use, and good options to consider include the Nexa, Pegaso, Nova and Urban ranges of machines. With high quality machines like these, you can expect to pay more than you might for similar models from competitors. Investing upfront can help to avoid unnecessary disruptions to the production line of the business later, and will also save you from worrying too much about replacement parts as a result of wear and tear. 

The Jura Coffee Machine Alternative

Jura is not only a household name in the industry thanks to the advertising campaign featuring Roger Federer. The Swiss company has a wide range of coffee machines to explore, including the ENA, GIGA, Z and S ranges. While not conventionally equipped with all the bells and whistles for commercial use involving a barista, these machines come with a series of built-in features to help make each cup of coffee as good as the last, especially if you’ve got regular customers looking for consistency. Expect to pay a little less than you would for the Wegacounterparts mentioned earlier, especially when you choose to go with a local supplier.

A Leap of Faith With One or The Other

Buying a new coffee machine is always going to be a leap of faith, and whether you go with Wega or Jura, what matters the most is that you find a machine that is going to work based on the needs of your business. Talk to suppliers about the warranty attached to the machine and ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal, especially if a portion of your business depends on the sale of coffee to begin with. At the end of the day, choosing a new coffee machine can be a relatively simple process if you do your homework, get clear about what you need, and explore as many options as possible within your price range.

Being Financially Savvy in a Post-Coronavirus World

Few of us could have anticipated just how severely COVID-19 would affect the global economy, and how it has affected the nature of businesses and how they operate across a host of industries. Making a financially savvy decision about a coffee machine can help if cashflow is temporarily tighter than usual. Aquaspresso has been a trusted supplier for consumers and businesses alike, offering great deals on new machine purchases, as well as giving customers the option to rent machines in the short-term. Perhaps a Jura rental is the way to go in these uncertain times. Not only will this allow you to test the machine to see if it’s the right fit to buy, but you’ll have direct access to a team who will be able to help with maintenance, as well as answering any questions that may come up. We can all get through this unprecedented time in the best way possible: together.