Commercial Coffee Machines South Africa – Office Coffee Machine Low-Down

Commercial Coffee Machines South Africa – Office Coffee Machine Low-Down

If you’re fortunate enough to work in an establishment that has realised coffee is not just a privilege – but a right – it might be a good idea to slip this article under your manager’s door.
It’s all fair and well that we have a coffee machine in the office – but as novel as it may be – if it doesn’t serve the purpose it was sourced for, or if it costs too much – that machine will sooner be out the window than your caffeine-filled aspirations. Commercial coffee machines seem like an insurmountably huge expense – but with the right approach and right  information – it’s pretty easy to find the perfect fit.

So, what do you need to look for in a commercial coffee machine? It’s quite simple, really, and once you’ve answered the questions below – we promise you’ll have a much better understanding and idea of what type of machine you’ll need – and which will fit your needs like a glove.

Commercial Coffee Machines: Pricing

We list this first, because this is normally the biggest deciding factor – as well as the first thought to cross peoples minds when making any kind of decision.

The decision-maker needs to be clear about the budget allocated to this piece of machinery. Once this is decided – you can start looking for a commercial coffee machine solution that can fit well into the monthly budget.

What Do You Want From Your Commercial Coffee Machine Solution?

You want fresh bean to cup coffee every morning, maybe a latte or even hot chocolate. But your boss wants filter coffee – end of story.

It’s important to know what you need your coffee machine to do, so you can narrow down your options even further. While your solution might meet the budget, it might not meet the needs of the company – which is entirely counter-productive!

Keep these few things in mind:

– Where will the machine go? If it’s gong to be located in an area with many first-time users, it needs to be super easy to figure out – or at least have someone to operate it for the guests.

– What is it’s purpose? To impress guests or save time on tea breaks? Simply answering this question funnels you down into an even more defined niche – and helps in the decision-making process.

What Products Will My Commercial Coffee Machine Need?

OK – so you’ve decided (for instance) – an instant coffee vending machine solution is your best bet. Did you know that most instant coffee vending machines have 4 internal canisters – one of them allocated to hot chocolate?

If it was the company’s main objective to save money – I promise you from the bottom of my heart that having hot chocolate available to staff IS NOT going to do the trick!

Opting, for example, for a Bean Vending Coffee Machine might be the same price range – but it has two distinct advantages: The coffee is of much higher quality (bean to cup freshness with the convenience of vending) – as well as the exclusion of hot chocolate from your canisters. Always speak to a rep at whichever coffee company you’re considering- and ask them to perform a suitability and costs analysis for your specific needs before removing alternative solutions from your considerations.

Should You Buy Or Rent Your Commercial Coffee Machine?

This is a bit of a contentious issue; some argue that buying is always the better option – because you then have a tangible item to show for those monthly repayments. Others – and we tend to agree with this – will argue that rentals offer the flexibility to change your coffee machine solution to adapt to your changing business needs.

This has been shown in many circumstances over many years – and while you might not end up owning the product – your coffee machine rentals usually include free maintenance, support and often times coffee product suited to your machine.

This is a small “sacrifice” to make – but in the long run, it’s almost always the better option.

Lastly, How Long Am I Bound To Rent My Commercial Coffee Machine?

You’ve been through the grueling process of elimination, decision, tests, trials and tribulations. You’re happy to go ahead with the coffee machine – but how long of a rental term does the coffee machine company want you to commit to?

This is especially important to newer or small-business owners; as much as we like to predict our future – there’s no sure-fire way to say that your needs are going to be the same, two or three years from now.

Look for companies who do not lock you into exorbitantly long terms rentals – but rather those who allow for shorter rentals, commercial coffee machine swap-out options – as well as those who might be able to provide you with perks such as free delivery of coffee product, maintenance and support as well as things which really matter to you.