Commercial Coffee Machines

Commercial Coffee Machines Explained

All coffee machines can be separated into two categories – Domestic and Commercial Coffee Machines. Commercial coffee machines are basically any coffee machines which are capable to be used in large usage or large coffee consumption environments.

Firstly, what distinguishes a commercial coffee machine from a domestic coffee machine? Two major differences. A commercial coffee machine is a machine needs to:

  1. Be able to have enough storage capacity to prevent the need for filling every few hours
  2. Be able to handle the on-going use throughout the course of the day.

Let’s deal with one at a time.

Storage Capacity: commercial coffee machines no matter what type they are. i.e. Bean-to-cup, super-automatic, manual or vending machines need to either have their own water tank or need to be plumbed. We prefer the commercial coffee machines with water tanks over the need-for plumbing versions as they are more portable and are less prone to leakages. For commercial coffee machines to be adequate they need to have a water tank of at least 2.5 litres if they are not the plumbed type.

The second part of storage capacity is coffee or hot beverage storage capacity. The commercial coffee machine needs to be able to store at least 40 cups of coffee beans or 40 cups of instant powder to deem it acceptable as a commercial coffee machine

Capacity Handling: the next thing one must ensure when buying a commercial coffee machine is that it needs to have hardened parts inside which are made specifically for commercial use. It is no good getting a domestic machine and filing it up every few hours in the hope to bypass getting a commercial coffee machine. Commercial coffee machines have hardened grinders and all pipe connections and fitting are designed and built in such a way to prevent constant breakdowns of the coffee machine under typical “heavy use”

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