Common Causes and How to Fix Cloudy Tap Water

A tap that may be subjected to cloudy tap water from time to time

Spotted murky looking water coming out of the tap? Although fairly common from time to time, this might be unsettling to you and the members of your household. Few people are aware of the causes of cloudy tap water, or whether drinking it can be harmful to your health. Keeping in mind that different cloudy water might mean different things — and pungent smelling or bad tasting water should always be avoided — “normal” cloudy water usually doesn’t have either feature. Let’s dive into the most common causes, as well as the best ways to fix cloudy water when you spot the problem at home. 

Common Causes of Cloudy Tap Water

In general, cloudy water is created when the water is aerated. This happens when there is a change of pressure in the supply, often stemming from a burst pipe or repair work in the area. When this happens, there is a higher likelihood that water can become trapped while running through the pipes causing it to be exposed to an abnormal amount of air. Cloudy water of this nature often looks “over bubbly”, rather than changing in colour or taste. If you’re unsure, collect a sample and speak to an expert about it to make sure. 

Is Cloudy Water Safe to Drink?

When caused by over aeration, cloudy or bubbly tap water is generally safe to drink. If you leave the water to stand for a few minutes after pouring it, the bubbles should move to the top of the glass and disappear, as it is released back into the air. Sometimes, this water is abrasive to pipes or sinks, which over long periods of time can cause problems with your setup at home. If it stays cloudy for an extended period, reach out to your council to find out whether there is a bigger problem being tended to in the neighbourhood. 

Quick Fixes for the Problem

We’ve already mentioned the first possible solution, where you simply leave the water to stand a bit in an open glass. The cloudiness should disappear from the bottom upwards, otherwise it may be a different problem. Adding an aerator to the faucet is a longer-term fix, especially if it is happening in either the hot or the cold line only. High iron levels could be to blame too, which will require softening the water. This is a bigger issue, which will have to be addressed with a more permanent solution.

Never Drink Cloudy Water Again

The Aquazania team is proud of having a long history of providing clean, purified water to over 20 000 home and office customers for over a decade. We’ve even gone as far as to provide footage of our factory in action on our homepage to showcase our dedication to do so, and doing it well. You’ll never have to drink cloudy water again when you invest in one of our bottleless or bottled water solutions. Depending on your budget, these can be bought outright or hired. Chat to us to hear more about the options available to you.

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