Considering a Bottleless Water Cooler For Your Home in 2021?

If you’ve been thinking about adding a water cooler to your home, going for a bottleless solution might be the right way to go. Perhaps you’ve only had an image of a bottled cooler in your head, as with so many people when you first think about what a water cooler is. Bottled water coolers are innovative, continuously being improved year-on-year, and typically come with more features than its sibling type. Today, we’ll delve a little deeper into why a water cooler is a good idea in 2021, as well as diving into some of the brands you should keep in mind before making your decision.

Exploring a Water Cooler Option For Your Home

The world has never needed to be more strict in terms of health considerations than it is during COVID-19. We’re all bracing for a “new normal” once life returns to some semblance of how it was, but there will certainly be increased health and safety restrictions in workplaces, and public spaces of all kinds. A water cooler can be a great way to take one of the many health concerns off your plate, by promising a clean glass of water with every sip. When you have one of these at home, not only does it help if you’re spending more time working from home, but also in terms of worrying less about the health of the other members of the household too.

The Perks of a Bottleless Water Cooler vs. a Bottled Option 

Bottleless water coolers have many benefits relative to their bottled counterparts, including tapping straight into the main water line, effectively purifying an endless supply during the course of a given day. This means you don’t have to worry about how many bottles you have in the home. Bottleless water coolers also come with added features depending on the model you buy, and typically there may be a hot water feature attached as well. These types of models also come with new innovations relative to technological advancements, so when considering a bottleless water cooler, always ask about some of the newer models on the market, and when they are expected to be released. 

The Best Bottleless Water Cooler Brand in South Africa

While the industry is a competitive one, there is a specific brand on the market in South Africa that typically provides consumers with a high quality product at competitive prices. AQA has a range of water coolers that cater to various needs, including the Touch, Tap and Sodax table top models, and the Slim and One standing models. Stylish design aside, these machines slot in nicely within small spaces, are known for their high levels of output, and come with great warranties when you purchase them outright. 

Weighing Up The Options: Rental or Purchase?

If you’re looking for a bottle-less water cooler solution for your home, a good place to check in with is Aquazania. They are renowned for offering the best water product solutions in the Johannesburg area, shipping to companies and clients across the country. Better yet, they’re aware that consumers are facing the pinch in coronavirus times. They offer purchase or rental options to choose from, benefiting budgets of all sizes. Talk to them about their latest deals, and before you know it, purified water will be a regular feature in your home space. 

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